Inchies to catch up




My inchies for inch by inch ( ) I’ve had these completed for about a week, but with other commitments didn’t get pictures taken until today.

My favorite of these is #9 Black and White…I don’t know why but when I first read the challenge I thought, “Black & white and red all over.” So I decided to take out and replace canvas threads to make the black and white canvas, then I put red stitches all over. If nothing else it has given me ideas for larger needlepoint canvases.

#11 Using a key was easy. I had been looking through a box of old family keys. I want to go something creative with them. So I knew I had a small one. Since then I though it would be cool to do the inchy of a gate or key hole and hang it from a longer key. When I get a round to it, I’ll post a picture also.

#10 Thank you is an adaptation of a car I received not long ago.

I have enjoyed doing these and have one more in the works but I think for now (unless something really speaks to me), I need to just watch and not take on another project for a while. I will keep watching and I may pop up now and then, inchies are just no trouble to make and a great way to use up scrapes of canvas. They will make great scissor fobs, magnets, or just add to a card for a friend.

Tonight I’m off to a craft night at my church, I’ll report back tomorrow.


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