Inchies turned ATC

  The first inchy is made for the Heart Association Red Dress Pin. A friend of mine gave this to me and I think it deserves to be dressed up for all of us. I probably will put a small cording around this before I wear it.

The second picture is my #8 inchy from Inch by Inch ( turned ATC (Artist Trading Card.) The inchy parts are the #8 sampler completed as a color wheel arrange in complements. The attached people with stars were a bracelet from a dear friend. I loved wearing it, but it was very fragile and one of the stars had become very weak and I was afraid I  would lose all of it.  I am going to have this framed and place it somewhere I will see it daily to remind me to reach for the stars and that friends are heaven sent.

I went to the craft evening at my church Monday and there were knitters, scapbookers, quilters, cross stitchers and me doing Temari Balls. There were only a handful of ladies but I have been assured that usually they are a large group . Of course everyone was interested in the Temari Ball and if there is enough interest I may put together a small class for them but I am going to wait another month of so to give everyone the opportunity to show an interest.

I have been going to the YMCA everyday for the past couple week and doing water exercises. I just love the water and have decided in my next life I want to be a mermaid that stitches. Of course all my threads would be water proof and would really never get wet in my fantasy. I exercise and then spend a half hour just floating around the pool. It is like meditating to me. I am so relaxed the rest of the day and I can really tell the difference in my muscle tone in just a couple weeks.

Tonight I am going to veg out with a cuppa ice tea and read your blogs.


5 thoughts on “Inchies turned ATC

  1. Hi Sue,

    I like what you did for the first inchy. It really frames the red dress pin (yes I have these), and bright stripes really add to the effect.

    Ummm… I can’t “see” the second inchy on the July 16, 2008 post. 😦

    I also enjoyed seeing the three inchies that you shared with us on the July 14, 2008 post. I like how you interpreted the Black and White theme and how you added “and red all over”! LOL

    Windy Meadow
    Where we’ve designed several inchies but still haven’t stitched any! 😦

  2. Hi Sue,

    I can now see your second inchy. I love the color wheel with the little charms! How cute!!!

    Windy Meadow

  3. I have to tell you – after admiring your inchies – something new to me – I had to play last night and do patchwork quilt patterns in needlepoint. Haven’t stitched them yet – but drew and painted them – take a lool on my blog. LOL total madness on my part.

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