More orts…Biscornu


I don’t think the design and color theory on this piece is whippy but since that was not my intent I can live with it. It was a test piece and I just grabbed threads that I had used for the ort box in 2008 ( ).  I wanted to stitch a biscornu just to see if my theory was right. I had been looking at these for a few months and decided that if I stitch 2 squares the same as I had stitched the ort square borders I could put the together the same way too. I made the ort box and I happened to have two pieces of that canvas cut to size just laying in my work room (I never throw anything away…it might come in handy later.) It worked and now I am thinking these square canvases would make great doodle clothes for trying out stitches and stitch patterns. I could pick a color scheme and whenever I need to practice a stitch I could use one of these squares and when I have enough I could make an ort box and biscornu. I’m sure in my stash I could find enough threads…after all I don’t just own one color and size of any thread.

This is just a thought (the incubation stage as I like to think of it) and hasn’t come into play yet…I could make them for my daughter in laws, granddaughters and nieces as stitching accessories and give each a sewing box. Oh who am I kidding, I won’t live long enough to get them all completed and I can barely keep up with all my projects now.

Then I saw the 8 sided biscornus, then 15…oh the possibilities are endless. Oh I need to stop taking this cold medicine it is making me loopy!

Happy New Year! See you in 2011…

Hope everyone has time to stitch today and into the new year! ttfn…sue