Changing the header

Yesterday, I decided to change the header of my blog.

The train did have significance and sentiment but only to me and did not reflect this blog. My youngest son had set this blog up for me and this was his choice of a picture. His brother, my second son also works for the railroad that sponsors this train so it had significance but mostly sentiment. I always intended to change it but it was another one of those “to-its”. So I put it on my list and now I can cross it off…maybe this list thing isn’t to bad.



Yesterday I was taking the Christmas things hanging on my hall wall and that’s where this picture hangs. I love this needlepoint and the attachments; The attachments were a bracelet that became to fragile to wear from a special friend. I also like it because it was quick and easy to stitch; it is a combination of 6 inchies to make an ATC (Artist Trading Card).




hall-1  hall-21




My hall connects the front of the house to the back of the house. I love this wall, it has a lot of things that I love to look at…it is my eclectic wall and has so many family memories.




calendarThis is “Master Calendar for 112 years”. from 1844 to 1956.It was my father’s and he kept it on his desk at work even after 1956. I keep it accurate only the year is 1909.













A glove stretcher (it was used to dry those cotton gloves we all wore in the 40-50’s)

Antique keys (don’t you wonder what secrets they hold?) and a brass stencil of a tulip, our last name means tuilip.

A zodiac plate from Brazil, and abacus, and my Grandmother’s tea strainer that I still grab to use.

A Mari plate that has so many cracks is looks like a mosaic, but my favorite aunt loved it and I just could not bear to see it thrown away. I hung it up close to ceiling and you would be surprised at the number of people who comment on how pretty it is. Some I show it’s faults, others I just smile to myself and say thanks.

The tree I made in the 80’s during my wood cutting days…there is a walnut angel and pineapple hanging also. We hung the ribbons from the tree during the 1st and 2nd gulf wars. Look at the beads to the left of tree, they were my baby toys. One set is wood and the other the Bakelite, but what is most interesting is both are strung on string and the pieces are small.  Boy what a hazard these are by today’s standards…not to mention that the paint could have lead… and yes they were chewed on.

And the last plate was from my Great Aunt Rose and Aunt Hazels kitchen. These two favorite aunts could make shoe leather taste good. They loved to cook and Thanksgiving at their house was a feast…and meal at their house was a feast. Whenever we have family “get-to-geters”, I look at this plate and know that traditions continue.




And this is my mystery antique. It is metal, the thing on the end is like a spring over the end. It does not bend. It is 3 inches long and 3/4 inch wide at the bow underneath the spring. 

 Anyone know what it is? I’ll tell you Friday. This is a conversation piece when people see it…







 I love my street sign. We were in New Orleans for Carnival (Mardi Gras is only Fat Tuesday) in 1986. We saw 9 parades in three days, it was quite an experience. These signs hang all over the city, each parish had their own sign. This one is from Jefferson Parrish. I wanted one, so I asked the Commander of County Sheriff’s Department how to get one. He looked at me like I was nuts, but gave me his card and told me to write after Carnival was over. I did and he sent this to charge! I can’t believe they didn’t sell them. What a great fund raiser.

I love greeting cards and some are too cool. I frame many greeting cards to hang, it is great inexpensive artwork. If I ever get tired of them I can replace them, so far that has never happened.  These are from Mary Engelbreit, she autographed one for me too. I have three sets of these: this one books, the “good to be the Queen” pair and “Grow old with me” pair.

And of course needlework.


mountain-star1The sunflowers are one of about 12 of these I did for a ANG certification piece I was doing. I stitched them to see which color combinations worked well, and which stitch combinations I liked best. I gave most of them away as Christmas gifts the year I made them.

The gray piece is Mountain Star. I taught this as part of my ANG certification in Denver. I only taught it in pinks or blues but my husband wanted this color for his office.

There’s a lot more hanging there: Family pictures, Pat Buckley Moss prints, Charlie Harper postcards, some original art work, stained glass pieces, my uncle’s horse and camel crop (complete with poker), brass knuckles that belonged to my husbands grandfather. My mother’s last Fuller Brush vegetable brush…she loved these things and we found boxes of them. We just used them up last year except for this one that we hung.  Like I said this is a fun hallway, full of memories and reminders of many generations who made us who we are.

This post got carried away down memory lane, but I can now mark dusting all the pictures and wall off my list. 🙂


Inchies turned ATC

  The first inchy is made for the Heart Association Red Dress Pin. A friend of mine gave this to me and I think it deserves to be dressed up for all of us. I probably will put a small cording around this before I wear it.

The second picture is my #8 inchy from Inch by Inch ( turned ATC (Artist Trading Card.) The inchy parts are the #8 sampler completed as a color wheel arrange in complements. The attached people with stars were a bracelet from a dear friend. I loved wearing it, but it was very fragile and one of the stars had become very weak and I was afraid I  would lose all of it.  I am going to have this framed and place it somewhere I will see it daily to remind me to reach for the stars and that friends are heaven sent.

I went to the craft evening at my church Monday and there were knitters, scapbookers, quilters, cross stitchers and me doing Temari Balls. There were only a handful of ladies but I have been assured that usually they are a large group . Of course everyone was interested in the Temari Ball and if there is enough interest I may put together a small class for them but I am going to wait another month of so to give everyone the opportunity to show an interest.

I have been going to the YMCA everyday for the past couple week and doing water exercises. I just love the water and have decided in my next life I want to be a mermaid that stitches. Of course all my threads would be water proof and would really never get wet in my fantasy. I exercise and then spend a half hour just floating around the pool. It is like meditating to me. I am so relaxed the rest of the day and I can really tell the difference in my muscle tone in just a couple weeks.

Tonight I am going to veg out with a cuppa ice tea and read your blogs.


Inchies to catch up




My inchies for inch by inch ( ) I’ve had these completed for about a week, but with other commitments didn’t get pictures taken until today.

My favorite of these is #9 Black and White…I don’t know why but when I first read the challenge I thought, “Black & white and red all over.” So I decided to take out and replace canvas threads to make the black and white canvas, then I put red stitches all over. If nothing else it has given me ideas for larger needlepoint canvases.

#11 Using a key was easy. I had been looking through a box of old family keys. I want to go something creative with them. So I knew I had a small one. Since then I though it would be cool to do the inchy of a gate or key hole and hang it from a longer key. When I get a round to it, I’ll post a picture also.

#10 Thank you is an adaptation of a car I received not long ago.

I have enjoyed doing these and have one more in the works but I think for now (unless something really speaks to me), I need to just watch and not take on another project for a while. I will keep watching and I may pop up now and then, inchies are just no trouble to make and a great way to use up scrapes of canvas. They will make great scissor fobs, magnets, or just add to a card for a friend.

Tonight I’m off to a craft night at my church, I’ll report back tomorrow.


Home…heart to follow


This is my inchy for the week. At first I was not going to participate this week but since I have spent my whole week home with some nasty bacterial infection, it just seemed natural to do “home” for a place.

This is not how I planned to spend the first truly beautiful week we have had in the Midwest (despite the tornados, that come with the season.) On April 10th I wrote Spring in the Midwest ( we have not had a warm week since. Oh we’ve had days but nothing like a true spring.  This past week was that week and I shared it with some nasty bacteria! Every part of my body ached, had low grade fevor and then a sinus infection to top it off. Two antibiotics later, I am on the road to recovery but am as weak as a kitten, tired and feel like a wrung out towel. It will probably take me a week to be hitting on all cylinders again.

I did make some interesting discoveries while I was out of commission and as soon as I sort out my thoughts on these discoveries I will write about them.

Hope everyone in the US this week-end will remember all of our heros who fought and are fighting to preserve freedom. May those away from home come back safely soon!


Inchy: Face

Last night I stitched my inchy for the week, and I might add my least favorite. I know I have seen a similar idea somewhere else, but for the life of me don’t know where. I even did a Google search but came up with nothing. The other design I think I’ve seen is just one closed eye, nose and mouth. Mine of course has two eyes complete with Turkey Work eyelashes, a blue Jessica iris and a Smyrna Cross mouth.

I like these inchies, but I just have no idea how I am going to finish them. They could become pins, they could be put together in a collage of some kind, I may applique them to another canvas, or I could use them as embellishments on other things (needlepoint) included. Time will tell…

You can see other inchies at:


S is for…

   The challenge was to stitch an inchy using everything with the first letter of your first name.

                Sue’s second inchy.

Stitched silver threads on silver flecked canvas. Stitches used: Scotch Stitches, Spider Web & Stem wrapped. Added a silver strawberry, silver scissors, and silver star.

S is for Silver and sue.

For more inchies:



I have been wondering how I was going to incorporate inchies into needlepoint since I saw them in Issue 29 of Quilting Arts Magazine I could have just stitched up some inchies but I really wanted something that would speak to me.

This week I found out a friend of mine has been diagnosed with cancer and I wanted to give them something that would let them know that I am thinking about them. A HOPE inchy was born. I made a mat and backing from Ultra Suede and sent it on its way.

     And then I made another inchy followed by and couple other ideas too. And since I made these I have fould out that many cancers have their own color designation..i.e. Pink is Breast Cancer. You can Google for “Cancer awarness colors” or visit here . Also Kathy Moss at Count Your Blessings has listed DMC colors to use. These were just two that I found. One thing just leads to another so it know I’m going to make an ATC using the cancer color.

And then I came across Inch by Inch The instructions to play are: “How TO PLAY: Please link your entry back to this blog. It’s as simple as that” I ‘ve added it to my blog list and am going to try to link to it, remember I’m new to this blogging and it doesn’t take much to leave me very confussed, bewildered and consulting the Dummy book. I hope it works, but to be on the save side I’ll add a comment too.