More catch up and then we are finished

Lucy canvas4 way tent stitchdouble-burden-a.jpgBurden stitchThis was the next post after almost one month of frustration.

January 10, 2008 post

Okay, one of these days I’m going to get the jest of bloging..but it probably won’t be today. I again have spent the better part of today trying to get my Flickr account to talk with my blog They must have had a falling out because they still are not speaking. Now supposedly you can use this URL to see my photos, but I am guaranteeing nothing:

There are some great photos and someday I will blog about them.

Today is Lucy’s day. I added some pictures in the upper left side of this page since Flickr is being stubborn. They are stitched areas of the piece and stitch diagrams.(added here too)

I started with the black area. It is done in a alternating Tent stitched in vertical rows using #8 pearl cotton. Even using a light cloth and good lighting this was hard to see, a few times I had to turn the canvas over to see if I was on the right track . I also had to resort to stitching this area in the daytime, since even my light did not help.  The lower part of the canvas was stitched with a Double Burden Stitch using 1 strand Caron’s Watercolour: Sandstone. I stitched this area vertically also. The upper portion is a Single Burden Stitch again using 1 strand Sandstone Watercolours. Notice the differences in dye lots between the top and the bottom. I had 4 skeins of Sandstone Watercolours and 3 of them had different dye lots. One was considerably darker than the other three so I used it on the lower portion.

I started pulling every reddish brown wool and wool blend I own for Lucy’s fur, but now I’m not sure that they won’t be too heavy for her fur. Lucy has wispy fur and on a good day she is a bad hair day. I was gong to do: Long & Short or (these are my favorites to tell students when L&S sends them into shock) Random Stitching or Creative Stitching. Random Stitching and Creative stitching always makes Long & Short seem normal. More later when I decide I have a few more ideas mulling around my head.

Okay I am going to spell check this and post it…since this is the third try. I’ve lost the other two. More later but maybe not tomorrow.