Red White & Blue Temari


Before Christmas I guess I should post these… I’ll put all the veiws in my Flicker account:

I am trying to keep up with everyone’s blogs, get some work completed and stitch too. I really wish I had a clone to do the chores around the house and go to my exercise class…all the stuff I have to do but really don’t want to do. I really could get so much more done!

And I want to be outside too…who would have thought it could be 80 degrees and no humidity in the Midwest in July. We have had a beautiful summer since the rain stopped.

Off to read…outside


2 thoughts on “Red White & Blue Temari

  1. Hi Sue,

    What wonderful Temari balls! Beautiful colors!

    I know what you mean about house hold chores and stitching. I had the best of intentions of spending the whole weekend stitching but I now have company and possibly a sick child. Sigh…

    So instead of stitching, I’m doing the next best thing, taking a break and reading blogs! LOL!!!

    Windy Meadow

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