Ukrainian Eggs

Everyone should try something new and different once in awhile. I have always loved the Ukarainian eggs ( since I first saw them in the 70’s  and have collected three or four over the years. I have collected books and magazine articles about them and have always wanted to take a class. Last January when we toured the Strawberry Hill Museum ( ) I learned they offer a class in the spring. I signed up and yesterday was the day.

The class was taught by Irene Thomson and Frieda Kossyk, mother and daughter. It was about a 4 hour class, very intense but fun. It was not as difficult as I imagined…but mine was a simple design and maybe after 30 years I could do some like these …

My egg was a simple design, but my stars are a bit off and I noticed some places where I did not get the wax applied well and the wrong dye is peaking through. But all in all I was pretty pleased with my first attempt. It is complete I just have to varnish and then decide whether I am going to blow my egg or take a chance and let it dry up.

I would love to get into a group that meets once a month for a couple hours. I bought a kit and I think I will order a couple more Kistka’s (pens used to apply wax). These come is different sizes and my kit came with a med point but think I would like a fine and broad also. Gong to have to spend some time looking up information on Pysanka (Ukrainian eggs) on the internet.

I did notice that all the arts I enjoy are graphic and all work on their own grid. Needlepoint of couse is a grid system; Temari balls are a grid system you establish with the markings on the ball, and the Ukrainian eggs are also designed on a grid established on the egg. I must be in gridlock 😉

But right now I need to get back to my Easter project I have already started for this year…especially if I expect to have finished by Easter.

Hope everyone has time to stitch today!  ttfn…sue