Next finishing project

Day before yesterday, while in the workroom I noticed this snowman that needs to be finished. There are really two but this one spoke to me.  The other needs a large (2 inch) white (silver would work) sleigh bell that I have not been able to locate this holiday season. Someone must have had a serious sleigh bell craving in the Midwest, all my craft shops did not have any. One will show up I’m sure maybe after the stores take inventory. I stitched both of these during the holidays,  I try to remain festive in all the chaos  ;-)… Anyway, this year I decided not to put out the snow-people decorations until after the Santa’s and Nativities go back in their boxes. I really have too many collections and need to spend so serious time this year parring them down to a manageable amount. Hard to do, when I love them all…oh well I’ll just keep them all and then let someone else worry about them.


Like I said this one spoke to me and said I need something white behind me otherwise I am going to look really dirty. This is an Under the Rainbow ( canvas #259 Snowman with stocking. I think these canvas come  with stitch/thread guide suggestions but I have had my canvas so long that the guide was lost. I usually read these guides if I have them, but usually do my own thing anyway.  






The snow man was stitched in skip tent using Caron’s snow and then I outlined the areas with a wrapped back stitch in snow also. Scarf is alternating rows of overlapping oblong crosses using 1 ply of Rainbow Tweeds red (RT33) and white (RT01). His stocking is the Rainbow Tweed threads red (RT33) and dk red ( RT06): bottom stitched in Encroaching Gobelin and the cuff is a Diagonal Gobelin with a row of tent. Mittens are directional mosaic stitched with Rainbow Tweed green (RT10), then I over-stitched the cuffs with 1 ply dk green Rainbow Tweed (RT10). His hat is Ribbon Floss or Rainbow Gallery Neon Rays Black . I stitched the body in a brick pattern over 4 threads. His brim was first padded using the satin stitch method with DMC #5 perle cotton, then free-form Satin stitches were laid over padding. I finished the edges to make them appear smoother with Stem or Outline Stitch using the Ribbon Floss (and no I did not lay this). Hat band is green ribbon floss in horizontal satin stitch and the snowflake is a sequin from my stash that I cut off one or two legs to fit…could not find the holly berry button in my stash. His nose is a wrapped padded Satin Stitch. His eyes are two colors (opps) #6 beads and mouth are seed beads. His buttons baby buttons. Packages are stitched with Kreinik threads in Gobelin stitches. The background is DMC #8 perle cotton stitched in a snowflake pattern and the ground is a combination pattern stitched with snow and DMC #8 perle cotton.So you can tell this is a very open stitched snowman and background. The shading from the painted canvas shows through the stitching and so I did not have to shade him.   


So yesterday I gave Mr Snowman a white backing before I blocked him. I can finish simple stand ups…another thing for my around-to-it  list. I thought maybe someone would be interested in this so I am posing the pictures of his backing. It is just a piece of white felt cut to fit and tacked in place using the stitches on the back to secure. Now he’s on the blocking board and will be finished another day.

I have almost decided I need to make a list of things to do but I do so dislike lists, they seem so calculating and confining. Lists overwhelm me then I sometimes get noting done, bu then again without a list I forget what I need to be doing…Oh the list or not to list…