And a word from my stitching…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI joined the ANG CyberWorkshops for Michelle Roberts’ Ukrainian Eggs class. I received my instruction book a few weeks ago; the other supplies I already had, so I am ready to go. I spent one evening reading the instruction book (Michelle’s instructions are so good). I even have several of the Ukrainian Egg books in her bibliography that I have dug out. I am probably going to have to put this project out of sight…I want to start it now…looks like such fun. And lately we have been testing the web connection, so I’m really getting excited now.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am also stitching on Debbie Stiehler’s Tomato but it is not a project I can take in the car…need a stand to stitch…going to have to find a small project to stitch for my to-go piece. Debbie has retired from active teaching, but if you were ever privileged to take a class from her, you know what fun she is. I love this piece and have put all the base lines in so now it’s just a matter of stitching along. I can tell some patterns are more difficult than others but that is the beauty of a Debbie Steihler piece…she keeps you on your toes (or I should say fingers).

And then I got a great surprise, the answer to my “to-go piece” prayers…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWho in their right mind is going to tell their DH that they can’t buy canvas(es) when he says I would like to have a some lighthouses to go with our ship pictures, why don’t you stitch me some. Oh a collection in the making, I love it. I sent him to ABS Designs ( and he picked out about 30 he liked! Now this is roll-reversal, but I made him look again and be reasonable to start…he picked out three he liked and I added a fourth. I kept a list of the others and let’s just say his birthday, anniversary; Christmas and Father’s Day are taken care of for the rest of his and my life. Lucky I also have a grandson that will like these someday too.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd then he was looking through my current issue of Needlepoint Now ( and I heard him chuckle…and he said this is a funny canvas, you need to order this. Since I already ordered it from Wellesley Needlepoint (   (months ago); it arrive a couple days after he said something. He thinks we have a great delivery turnaround time; “That didn’t take long, did it” …when the opportunity opens you don’t have to tell me to twice to keep my mouth shut. Yep, we girls are fast.

Of course now his mantra is, “I don’t want to hear you say you have nothing to stitch.” Glad he doesn’t look at my office and closet very closely.

I’m off to choose my new stitching project threads…don’t want DH to think I am not doing my part to start his new collection…and I did say I needed a something small to stitch.

Oh more finishing, I need to get caught up so I can send this stuff to someone else…maybe I can interest my daughter –in –law into finishing…she likes to sew. She makes American Girl doll clothes and sells them on Etsy ( If she has the patience to do doll clothes maybe she’d like needlepoint finishing…hum-m-m.

And it will be a couple weeks before I get back to finishing, I am taking a break to house and dog sit at my niece’s house…This is my favorite week of the year, nature and stitching and no cooking if I chose not to do so. Just me, and my stitching…DH is there too, but he comes and goes…cooks too. I’ll take pictures, it is so tranquil and peaceful.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you have time to stitch today! ttfn…sue

Ukrainian Eggs

Everyone should try something new and different once in awhile. I have always loved the Ukarainian eggs ( since I first saw them in the 70’s  and have collected three or four over the years. I have collected books and magazine articles about them and have always wanted to take a class. Last January when we toured the Strawberry Hill Museum ( ) I learned they offer a class in the spring. I signed up and yesterday was the day.

The class was taught by Irene Thomson and Frieda Kossyk, mother and daughter. It was about a 4 hour class, very intense but fun. It was not as difficult as I imagined…but mine was a simple design and maybe after 30 years I could do some like these …

My egg was a simple design, but my stars are a bit off and I noticed some places where I did not get the wax applied well and the wrong dye is peaking through. But all in all I was pretty pleased with my first attempt. It is complete I just have to varnish and then decide whether I am going to blow my egg or take a chance and let it dry up.

I would love to get into a group that meets once a month for a couple hours. I bought a kit and I think I will order a couple more Kistka’s (pens used to apply wax). These come is different sizes and my kit came with a med point but think I would like a fine and broad also. Gong to have to spend some time looking up information on Pysanka (Ukrainian eggs) on the internet.

I did notice that all the arts I enjoy are graphic and all work on their own grid. Needlepoint of couse is a grid system; Temari balls are a grid system you establish with the markings on the ball, and the Ukrainian eggs are also designed on a grid established on the egg. I must be in gridlock 😉

But right now I need to get back to my Easter project I have already started for this year…especially if I expect to have finished by Easter.

Hope everyone has time to stitch today!  ttfn…sue