Starting a new Canvas: Leprechaun

January was kind of a blur (literally and figuratively), so I am thinking “Rest of Year” starting today. Not that January was a complete waste; I inventoried my painted canvases and found I only had purchased one canvas twice, not bad for me. I never got to the charts because I was so blown away by my painted canvas count…110 painted canvases. Of those 110 canvases I only found one canvas duplicated and less than a half dozen that I still did not love. If I stitch two a week, I could put a significant dent in this stash…Okay I hear you all laughing…but I am going to try and make a dent on this stash.

I really should work from oldest to newest (fifo: first in first out…a term from my retail management class in college) but my creativity is right brained and does not think in college terms…so I am beginning with a seasonal piece that I might get completed in time to use this year.

Anne Stradel’s ABS Designs ( He’s the Leprechaun from the Cylinder Ornaments: Fantasy, Fictional & Legend Series.

Canvas below the stretcher bars

As I was putting him on the stretcher bars I remembered last week at guild meeting,

stretcher bars below canvas

someone asked me why I sometimes put my stretcher bars on top of the right side of the canvas?  I came home and looked at canvases I have put on stretcher bars and noticed I do it both

Stretcher bars above canvas/ backside of canvas

ways. I have been paying attention to why I think I do this and I think I do it on canvases I plan to take along and stitch as I go; usually do it on smaller canvases. I find it easier to begin and end threads on the back of the canvas and I think it keeps stitching protected, especially the longer stitches. I know I learned this from a national teacher in a class but I know there are some teachers who do not approve of this. Some say it is more difficult, if not impossible to lay threads when the stretcher bars are on top. That’s the only reason I have ever heard for having the stretcher bars beneath

stretcher bars below canvas/ backside view

the right side of the canvas. Which method do you use and why?

Hope everyone has time to stitch today!  ttfn…sue