Clan spools


I promise this is the last of the Scott and Gordon Clan needlepoint for this year, but I wanted to show the clan tartan spools.

My DH loves to look at wood carving, he doesn’t do it but he appreciates the art…me too. This week-end there was a show close to us so we spent some time looking. Wood carving is beautiful, there were some birds at this show that looked like they could fly away. And of course I looked at every tool as a possibility to use in needlework. What I noticed was some of the carving design books would adapt well to needlepoint and I have a few to explore. Books are my weakness! I also found two wooden spools for the clan coats. It was a good day at the wood carving show.

I had also looked for Gordon clan ribbon and didn’t find any so I decided to copy the plaids from my clan books for my own use. So with the help of my printer-scanner, I copied the clan plaid, reduced the size, repeated the copies on the computer matching the plaid and printed clan paper to use. I painted the spools with Gesso to seal and then painted the ends black. After the paint dried, I attached the clan paper using “Mod-Podge”  ( I followed the directions and sealed the spool, attached paper using “mod-podge” as glue and then sealed with one coat. I don’t think it needs 4-5 sealer coats and I like the gloss finish.

I think now I am going to experiment with making some of my own tartan ware. Antique tartan ware is so-o-o expensive. If you want to read more about it start here: or if you want to be enabled like me here Tartanware: Souvenirs from Scotland   ( .

I’m off to the guild meeting…ttfn…sue

Second Coat finished


I finished the second coat yesterday…Now I have two for next year.  I know why I only had one of these finished…finishing was a bugger! Those little flaps in the front were not fun.  Hopefully making Tartan plaid stands won’t be that big a deal and I will have them finished  by next year. See the March 17th post for where to get badges.


St Patrick’s Day


coat-scott1Today is St. Patrick’s day and it is definitely my day. I remember when I was a small girl in school, we had to fill out a census card that told out ethnic backgrounds and percentages. My dad set down and figured it up; I was  56% Scottish and 38% Irish with a 1.5 % each Germany and French and 2% English and 1% Indian. But he told me with my coloring, personality and temperament to just write 60% Scottish and 40% Irish. So all my life I have been Scotch-Irish and I married a Dutchman just to help the bloodline.

My needlepoint coat is one of two but alas I only have one completed today. This one is the Scott clan; it has the crest pin on the breast plate. I have another one for the Gordon clan. I got the clan badges at the Scottish Merchant, Alexandria Virginia ( .   I also have Scott clan ribbon that I plan to put around the base of the spool. In fact, I plan to buy wooden spools and pain the ends black and attach the ribbon to make them look more like tartan ware. I need to find ribbon in the Gordon plaid too…so if anyone knows where I might find 1 inch plaid tartan ribbon let me know please.

So today my Scotch-Irish blessing for all:

May you have needles that never tarnish.

May you have threads that never tangle.

And may all your stitches be perfect

And may you have hours to put them all together in your favorite project.

Happy stitching!