Ort Box Memories

I went to clean out my ort box today and had to stop and look at all the orts. I have stitched… just not blogged about the stitching. Looking at these orts brought back a flood of memories I’ll share some with you as the year comes to an end.

This has been a year of us and downs; but something good always comes from something unpleasant… I lost a very dear friend, Bill E. (aka: WEE) this summer to Colon Cancer. He put up a valiant fight and dealt with his disease in his own dignified style. I will miss WEE forever, he is a good man. We have been friends since my second son brought him home to eat chip chocolate cookies (and yes Bill, it is chip chocolate…not chocolate chip). I will never eat another chip chocolate cookie that I don’t think of you, Bill.

Quick version of the story: Please note the following story took place in the 70’s when life was a bit safer than it is today…

One day I was baking cookies, kids were outside playing; Hugh, second son, was about four or five and had wandered down to the new neighbor’s front porch. They had a fish tank and Hugh was fascinated (a fascination that has lasted his whole life) and went in to look. I guess (I never asked) in the course of the conversation, it came up that I was home baking cookies. Anyway, Hugh came home and asked for a couple cookies for himself and his new friend, I gave them to him and off he went. He came back again and asked for more, I suggested that it might not be a good idea since it was almost dinner time and anyway, what did his new friend’s mother think about him having more cookies? Hugh left, only to return and tell me, “My friend doesn’t have a mother.” Opps, well what does his father think about him eating all these cookies? Off to new friend only to return with, “My friend doesn’t have a Dad either.” Now, Hugh has my full attention, he is playing with someone who has no adult supervision (not that Hugh was getting much adult supervision at the same time); maybe you should bring this new friend home to meet Mom. Off Hugh goes, and I, now ice tea in hand, go to front porch to watch. After a few minutes here comes Hugh holding the finger of this adult’s hand; I was sure Dad had come home and Hugh and his new friend were in serious trouble for being in the house with no adult supervision. But before I could apologize for my son’s behavior, Hugh introduced me to his new friend, Bill E. After I stopped being total embarrassed for my son bothering the new neighbor, I found out Bill was a hungry law student with a fish tank. I made a deal with Bill; I would feed him if he would to my legal work for life. Bill nicknamed Hugh, “Huge,” (another lifelong attachment) that proved to be prophetic…Hugh is 6 feet 4 inches, weighs a lot and is the largest of my children.  And that day over ice tea and chip chocolate cookies a family friendship was born which has lasted a lifetime.

But as the song says, “ For every time there is a season” and now the new season begins; Bill has a namesake, born this fall (fitting that it was the first day of fall too), Willow Emma (another WEE but more beautiful). I could hear him telling me how beautiful she is and that no other girl can compare, the new love of his life. She is his first grandchild, born to his oldest son Ron and his wife Nellie.

And that leads me to one of my finished project(s); I crocheted a baby blanket for the new baby this summer and fall. I tired early this summer to teach Bill to crochet, but to no avail…he said I went too fast. But I did show him the yarn and pattern and told him I would complete it for the new baby. Then Bill’s wife, Jessica, asked me to help complete the blanket she knitted for baby Willow; so I crocheted the edging and lined her blanket…It’s that the coolest knitting pattern, I can’t knit but I love this blanket.

If you would like to read more about Bill, Ron has written three wonderful articles about his dad. The last one was this Christmas Eve 2010.

1st story, Dec 12, 2008: http://www.reporternews.com/news/2008/dec/12/kin-and-cancer/

2nd story, November 20, 2009:  http://www.reporternews.com/news/2009/nov/20/farewell-to-family/

Dec 24, 2010: http://www.reporternews.com/news/2010/dec/24/a-year-for-family/

Hope everyone has time to stitch today!  ttfn…sue