2 Finished projects

I have been saying I was going to frame “The eye in the keyhole” painted by Sharon Garmize (http://www.sharong.com/index.html) forever. It is probably the oldest canvas I own and I have never intended to stitch it; I knew I could never do the painting justice. But I have always wanted to frame it and today was the day. I went ahead and put glass over it because it is going to hang in my hallway close to the kitchen.

This second canvas was a chart and pin from Just NAN (http://www.justnan.com/index.htm) but I can’t remember the name. I took a bunch of liberties with this design, starting by putting it on canvas instead of linen. It was my take-a-long project and somehow I managed to stitch the complete sunflower…I didn’t see the stitched crows until after I was well into the space for the first, so I decided these buttons were too cute and I could use them. And the sunflower looked cute attached to corner.

Today I went to Hobby Lobby to look for frames and found ready-made frames for both. A nice lady in the framing department cut the keyhole mat and backing board while I waited…They have a computer that cuts mats in no time with little or no waste. She also gave me the piece of mat board to mount behind the sunflower and even taped them to the mats for me. I won’t tell you what it cost me but let’s just say Andrew Jackson just needed some change to cover it.

I am a happy camper and even have time to stitch…

Hope everyone has time to stitch today!  ttfn…sue