Betsy Ross stitched and blocking

BRoss complete14-06-26 Ultra Suede thread redBetsy is finished but she almost did not get a tuff-it to sit upon. I decided to use Ultra Suede for the cushion. I used short lengths (12 inches and a larger than normal needle) but I still had trouble. My thread kept breaking. After several breakages, I cut another piece and gentle pulled on both ends and it broke. At first I thought it was breaking where the Ultra Suede was bent around the edge of the card but this didn’t seem to be the problem (although the thread did break here a few times.) What it seemed to me to be more likely was it was an old thread. I have had this thread for a couple years and I do not think it has stored well. I did get the tuff-it stitched but it took a great amount of patience…probably would have been quicker to get up and get another thread but I am lazy and stubborn. Anyone else had problems with this thread? I am going to check my other Ultra Suede and if they are as unstable I am going to dispose of them. Frustration is not part of my stitching world.

Betsy’s cap is Alternating Scotch Stitches and again I stitched the scallops in tent and then before adding the bullions, I French Knotted some hair for Betsy using an overdye. You can see in the picture it started to diagonal stripe…that’s because I stitch everything I can diagonally, so I tried the puddle method. (see: OR I’m not too sure I was successful but I don’t think it will be as visible once she is finished. After the knots were in then I did bullion knots around the cap. I’m pretty good at bullions now.

14-06-26 BRoss tuffit & basketI also did needleweaving a basket for Betsy and was going to cover pony beads with floss and place them in the basket for balls of yarn/thread. But I did not leave enough give in the basket and I don’t think it would have worked anyway…I think the beads 14-06-26 pony beads coveredwould have been too large, but you can see I tried and I prefer what I did better..

Betsy was a fun take-a-long, I really like stitching Anne Stradal,  ABS Designs ( or canvases; she paints a great canvas. My husband has hinted he likes lighthouses, so now I have an excuse to buy more canvases 😉 …I like this idea.

So Betsy is on the blocking board and will be finished soon…maybe not in time for the fourth of July but before too long.

14-06-26 BRoss blocked

It’s back to finishing for me and I promise to have something (finishing) to show next time.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you have time to stitch today! ttfn…sue

Long May She Wave


HAPPY 4th of JULY!

And these are my flags…(L-R) Hanging flag is a Blackbird design…One of the few cross stitch pieces I have done in the past few years. It is done on 32 count linen over 1, mighty small I might add. Two the Point, a great needlepoint & cross stitch shop in Overland Park, Kansas (Kansas City suburb) has this done on 32 count linen over 2 threads. Both these pieces are smaller than the original, but I love both of them. I thought mine was going to be the same size as the shop but it is smaller (Stitched area is: 2 1/4 inch by 4 3/8 inch).

The rest of the designs are mine designs if you can claim the American flag design is original. I like to think of them as stitch adaptations of Old Glory.

The next piece is a box stitched on 18 count plastic canvas. It is my design. I wanted to see if I could make a box and I did.

The framed piece was suppose to be hung vertically long but then the flag was hung incorrectly…who would have thought when the flag is hung vertically the stars are to the upper left. To me this is the back side of the flag, and since we don’t want to be incorrect we display it horizontally. This piece is all done in mosaic variations.

The next little round box is the center of a design that you can get through Rainbow Gallery about 7 freebies down. Somewhere I have these stitched too…maybe next year I’ll get them finished.

And the red box is a another star I did  using Weeks Dye Works a few years ago.  The box is from Romancing the Past.

Today we are off to celebrate my youngest son’s birthday. Edward was really born on July 1st but when he was young we celebrated his birthday over the holiday, we told him that the fireworks were just for him. When Edward was five, we went to Washington DC for a family funeral. My uncle who was a retired Colonel took us to Fort Meyer for dinner, they brought Edward a birthday cake with a sparkler on top, sang “Happy Birthday”  just for him, we watched the fire works from Fort Meyer and everyone made him feel special. Needless to say, 30+ years later, 4th of July is almost bigger than Christmas (just read this to Edward, so Ed Note: It is bigger!) and I know no birthday party has every equalled that 5th birthday. And truthfully fireworks on the mall in DC are hard to beat. I envy any of you the chance to see the fireworks or just to be in Washington DC, especially when the weather is so beautiful this year.

However you plan to spend the day, be safe! I’ll continue to catch up on my reading and post other things I stitched as time permits.