I love Thanksgiving and I do not like the fact that the media and retail business has decided to move from Halloween to Christmas without a thought about Thanksgiving. I am so disappointed in one of our local Thanksgiving traditions, the lighting of the Country Club Plaza ( ). Many of the merchants of the Plaza have decided to open up their businesses and make a profit from a long standing non comercial tradition; somehow that seems to tarnish the effect and spirit of this tradition.  It seems in these troubled times we should slow down, think about and be grateful for the many blessings and freedoms we have. One day set aside to be thankful, grateful and positive…yet we can’t be bothered. What does that say about us as a society?

I am on a one lady crusade to not be party to this mass hysteria. At 1 PM Wednesday I picked up my pie from the grocery store (oh what a frenzy was happening there too) and am home for the week-end.  Friday and Saturday I am going to stitch the day away and listen to music or watch old movies. Saturday afternoon I may venture out to support local small businesses and purchase a few small handmade gifts, but I won’t be out there more than an hour and I may even wait…no gift is worth the hysteric frenzy people get into this week-end.  Thursday I will fix dinner for my wonderful family and friends and be grateful for the time we spend together. I may not even watch the Plaza lighting since I’m sure the media will focus on the shopping and not the beautiful lights.

Okay, I will get off my soapbox and share with you what I intended before the local news came on the TV and incited me.

I have a Turkey collection I have shared before ( ) but today I want to show you my Pilgrims and Indians. When I started collecting decorations for Thanksgiving in the 1970’s, my first decorations were this Mr and Mrs Pilgrim but no Indians were to be found.  I decided then that my Pilgrims would have to have Indians with them or they could not be part of my collection. I now have 5-6 sets and all but my first set have Pilgrims and Indians.

Until this week…my oldest son made Indians for my pilgrims. Of course he had to add his own special touches…Mic-o-say claws on my Indians ( And that’s okay too; Mrs Indian is the first “Honored woman” in our family.

So today Mr and Mrs Pilgrim are grateful for their new Indian friends (and so am I), they no longer stand alone on the shelf in November. I am also grateful for the family and friends who are going to be with us today or in our thoughts and prayers and I will remember those friends and family who are looking down on us and smiling that we are keeping a long standing tradition of family, friends, good food and special times.

And I am thankful for all of you too who stop by and read my meanderings. I will try to get back to stitching related blogs but life does intermingle with my stitching obsessions. Thank you for stopping by, I hope you are surrounded by friends and family to enjoy Thanksgiving  and you still find time to stitch this week-end!

My NAN Entry

Two posts in one day…

very unusual for me but when I have the time to catch myself up I need to take advantage…so…


This was my entry into the NAN ( Exemplary as a Non-Original Professional with instruction. It is as yet an untaught piece by Eileen Aird, who owns Ridgewood Needlepoint, Ridgewood NJ. (  I have permission to use the picture and to talk about the piece from Eileen. This is a class teaching piece designed by Eileen and as yet not taught…I knew about it because I did the stitch diagrams and page layouts for the student handbook.

I liked this piece because I live close to the Kansas City Country Club Plaza (;   and  I always try and buy and want to stitch pieces that depict the Plaza. NAN is held on the Plaza too, so if you come you will see the Plaza from your room. The Plaza is a great place;  shops, hotels, fine dining, carriage rides, and is usually decorated for the season. This time of year we have bunnies on the Plaza and it is a tradition with many families to go to the plaza and have your picture taken standing by the bunnies. At Christmas, the Plaza is a winter wonderland; all the buildings are outlined with electric lights and it is a magical place. Until a two years ago there were no stop signs and few traffic lights on the Plaza but with the enlarging population, and less thoughtfulness of drivers this has changed.

I thought Eileen had chosen interesting architectural buildings to demonstrate needlepoint techniques. The curved dome on the right of the piece only had the left lines marked on the canvas, so as the student you are to mirror this on the right side making the dome symmetrical. To help the illusion of a smooth curve a couching technique is applied to this  roof. The building on the left uses mirror stitching to present perspective and change of direction. And the center tower shows perspective by using similar stitches that either vary in size, direction or variation. This was a fun piece to stitch and a great intermediate class to try beginning mirror and compensation techniques as well as good stitches to use as architectural elements.  

This will be a great teaching piece and does not only represent the Plaza but any architecture that has a Spanish, Mediterranean or Middle-Eastern elements. I enjoyed stitching this piece and it will hang in my dining room in a place of honor with my other Plaza pictures that I frame.