Suggestions welcome and a stitched project

Spent the week end trying to put some order back into my computer; I am just not an organized computer user. Any advice on how you store pictures and stitching files would be greatly appreciated. I have stuff (pictures & files) everywhere and sometimes in more than one place; I have pictures of needlepoint in a blog photo folder that I think I might want to share; I have pictures of needlepoint in a sue’s stitched file and I have pictures of needlepoint in the unstitched file. I have a program that is supposed to organize pictures but I have never really read the book on suggested use; I did go to their tutorial site to read suggestions and got more confused than before.
This spring we lost a good local store front needlepoint store in our area; this is a tragedy for everyone too. It is a tragedy to the community that another small shop owner is no longer supporting the community, a tragedy to the store owner; and a tragedy that all of us who stitch… we have limited our resources yet again. Yes, we still have a needlepoint shop by appointment, one that is mostly knitting, and of course hobby and fabric stores (box stores)…but gone is the daily store front. Needlepoint is a visual and tactile art form and even though the internet is fine and great; there is nothing like picking your threads by touching them and seeing them together on the canvas. That is gone and I for one will miss it!
I started a new media…drawing, zentangles, doodles…whatever you choose to call this art; I’m trying to do this a couple times a week. I thought it would be a good catalyst for inspiration and creativity as well as relaxing and a good meditation. Since I know I learn best by reading and doing, I am well stocked in reading materials both books and internet and I have a large supply of art supplies as well as my computers.
I also need post about my stitching…I have four projects stitched but not finished. We’ve had a few innovative finishers in the last few years but unfortunately one God wanted to help in heaven and the other moved to England (I envy her so much…Royal School and all) for several years. So I need to find a new person or do it myself. I can do simple finishing but the cutesy, innovative stuff I leave to the pros. I really would like to find a great finisher that I can talk to directly; I wish she were close enough for me to visit.
This is my best creative offering for the week…


I saw this online at Adorn ( and Etsy ( So I bought it, have always wanted to make a bracelet/cuff and thought this would be a good way of learning a finishing technique. Orna kits her own threads with her own label which is different and I’m not sure how I feel about this. I had more than enough thread to complete the project but should I decided to frog stitch my mistake, I’m not sure I could have match the threads if I had run out. My braclet/cuff is a bit different (creative license) because I messed up following the chart and so rather than frog stitch I did the Marine thing and adapted, improvised and overcame. Then while 13-06-28 bead a finishing I forgot I had this great beading tool (Thank you NC) and while sitting on my patio dropped beads…opps…so my bracelet/cuff is sans beads on the edges. But at least it is a finished project.
And that’s pretty much what is happening here in the heart of the USA in the hot summer.
Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have time to stitch today!