Week-endwithout stitching ;-(

Friday since stitching was out (eye was watering and didn’t want to strain eye on computer or stitching), husband was home, and the weather was beautiful; we decided to take the afternoon off and go looking. My eye was watering but I could see and what a better distraction than shopping.

Kansas City’s West Bottoms have become a mecca for antique shops and spook houses. First noticed these antique shops while taking grandson to work at spook houses this fall…Yes, I had an awful looking character living with me. (sudu note: forgot to include picture, added couple hours later)The hours were awful, the pay lousy but he had fun and a ride home on late nights…a few nights were 3 AM L.  BUT my husband and I didn’t hear him come home and garage door is below master bedroom…Scary. But that is over and never to happen again…and I digress.

The antique shops are only open on First Friday week ends (http://www.kansascity.com/2012/01/05/3355042/antique-shop-is-opening-friday.html). First Friday in the Crossroads happen the 1st week end of the month; Kansas City artists have their openings and shows (http://www.kccrossroads.org/); it draws a large crowd to downtown. So off we headed to look, 1st stop Restoration Emporium the newest addition to the West Bottoms. And of course we were not 12 feet in the door when we found handle for our antique Fire King pans we’ve been looking for to replace our makeshift one. Then DH found 3 pans he could not live without. After touring about three of these establishments, I told DH you know your old when the antique shops are selling things you remember having, using or still have nd are using.

We also found a man who makes furniture…I think I have a couple projects for him…You can see him on this website: http://kcjewel.wordpress.com/2012/01/06/first-first-friday-2012/.

Then my DDH suggested we drive to Parkville, Mo, it’s just over the river and down the road a bit. There is a shop I have wanted to go see for a long time. I agreed without hesitation…OH MY, a great place…I could still be there! Eye Candy everywhere! Florilegium (http://florilegium.com/index.htm ) I will be going back! Notice the Paternayan; they had a good supply in hanks. Gretchen, the owner dyes her own ribbons and they were beautiful! I was in this store two hours and DH had wandered the entire shopping area 8-10 shops and even decided where we should eat. I brought up the website last night and oooh-ed & aaah-ed again for a long time. I will be going back!

Saturday I found these at Pier 1…bought the sudu. I feel a new collection beginning. Also managed a trip to LNS…if I can’t stitch I can look and pick up threads for later. Tonight I think I might try to stitch…eye still a bit watery but I THINK I need a stitching fix. You know stitching is addicting and you crave it when you’re not doing it!

That’s how I spent my week-end…if I can’t stitch I shop!

Hope everyone has time to stitch today!  ttfn…sue