Seems like January is the month where we all feel a compulsion to clean house, start anew, and organize…not me not this year. I am going to live forever because I have enough unstitched canvases, counted designs, and unfinished classes to last 50 years and that’s if I stitch one a month for the next 50+ years and never buy another thing. And we all know this is not going to happen…I already have new canvases in mind and even though I have tried to convince myself I do not need them they are speaking loud and clear to me.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have organized my threads the way I want them, I keep a fairly accurate inventory on spreadsheets (especially the threads I use often) but I place no value on them. Two reasons: I don’t care to know how much I spend…I think of it more as an investment (in my sanity.) And anyway, we all know that when it comes time to pull threads for the project of the moment, we never have all the right threads and without a trip to LNS stitching cannot begin…it is an unwritten law, a step in the process.

I also feel no desire to rearrange, redo or organize because last spring/summer when we combined households I did this. When you combine households you lose some things and you gain other things. I lost my sewing room but truthfully it was so cluttered it needed a complete overhaul anyway.

My daughter in law has an embroidery machine and so we made a new sewing area. Someday when I have more time I am going to learn how to use the embroidery machine and then I will embroidery dates on the back of finishing material for ornaments…until that day I will just ask my daughter in law to do it. Once we get through the holidays, we can spend more time in the sewing area and sewing with a friend is always more fun.

I had already gone through my needlepoint canvases and was procrastinating about sending them to Pat at Stitch Destashing (….so I sent them off and within six weeks had a check in the mail. Pat also sent me back the canvases that I wanted back and the rest she donated.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI had been replacing my thread storage units trying to make them more accessible. And since we had just finished redoing a room for an office I just appropriated the larger closet for my threads. I also used some threads as decorating elements.

So all in all I think I did not lose anything I still have my stitching nest and my threads are closer and so are my canvases. And …I gained a finisher.So you see I am ahead of the January rush and this leaves me more time to read, stitch and compute…oh yes this is a good year!

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have time to stitch today!


Happy New Year

I don’t generally make New Year’s resolutions and if I do I never tell them because it is a kiss of death as far as I am concerned. Last year 2011 Word Press gave a challenge to all there bloggers to write more…I made a resolution to at least try to post once a week…I did pretty well the first seven month but then in August I fell behind. I’ll blame it on the summer heat 😉 and I didn’t seem to recover until November.

But all in all I did pretty well here are the stats: January 6 posts – February 6 posts – March 7 posts – April 8 posts …best month- May 6 posts – June 5 posts -July 6 posts – August 3 posts …ops – September 1 post….big opps ;-(  October 3 posts – November 4 posts – December 4 posts =Total 59 posts…

not bad for 52 weeks and great for me. Now if I can just meet this challenge again this year, stitch and compute too. And oh yes catalog pictures…

Did you keep 2011 resolutions? What new year’s resolutions did you make especially about stitching for 2012…

Off to start the New Year right…stitching of course

…Hope everyone has time to stitch today too!  ttfn…sue