My stash enlarging & German Sampler Collection

Two blog entries in two days unheard of in my world but just could not wait.

This morning my friend M-TB posted a link to Needlepoint Nation Stash Exchange (!/NeedlepointNationStashExchange) and there is a Pinterest site too. So of course I headed over to check it out, friended the place, began to explore AND naturally found something I cannot live without. So I have sent an inquiry and may be adding to my stash by the end of the day. Thanks M-TB, I think…not sure DH will be as happy as I will be.
And as long as you are in Facebook don’t forget to friend Amy Bunger ( She is posting live from market…Oh more goodies.

Then I decided since I was getting a late start anyway (I blaming it on M-TB) I read my emails. Well I spent more $$:
Mary Corbet ( giveaway three Trish Burr butterflies so I will be headed to trish’s ste to get my own butterfly ( or just go straight to the purchasing at ETSY ( .

And another email from Hedgehog Handworks ( sent me to their site for the annual 15% February Sale. At least I have the month to $pend here. Maybe DH won’t notice if I space these out …

And there are those canvases I have on my want list that pop into my mind every time I buy some other than them…Oh the annoying aggravation of “Stashites” the terminal ailment of never having or wanting too much needlepoint and its accompanying ailments: threads, accessories and books.

13-02-01 german museum celle%20(58)And then I ended my email reading on a bittersweet note: Country Bumpkin sends out a newsletter and in that newsletter they told about a German Sampler Museum that is closing. So if you are going to or are in Germany you may want to make this a stop on your agenda. You can view this museum and wish you were going (I do) at Sabine Taterra web site ( And while you are visiting Sabne’s site look around pretty cool, especially if you 13-02-01 german museum celle%20(60)like samplers. I love to look at samples and I’ve stitched a few in my life but they are like quilts…I love them, want to have them just don’t want to stitch them. So this was a bittersweet referral; bitter that another stitch related museum is closing down and many of these 13-02-01 german museum celle%20(61)lovely works will not be seen again but sweet in the fact that I found another website and blog to visit.
Now before everyone starts sending me emails about promoting $pending…I receive no monetary gains from these referrals and I take no blame for spending of time and $$$ that might occur because of these references…I will be making my own excuses for my credit card spree. But since M-TB started my avoidance of work today I’m blaming her for not getting anything done today. Don’t you feel guilty M-TB….no, me either. Thanks for the fun morning. 😉
Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have time to stitch today! I know I will; probably the only other productive thing I will do today besides surfing the web…