Incredible week-end!

I just got back from the most incredible week-end!

My grandson lives with us and went on a camp-out with his Boy Scout Troop this week-end to ride part of the Katy Trail. The Katy trail will eventually connect from St Charles Missouri to Kansas City, Missouri. It is the longest “rails – to – trails” trail in the United States and is also in parts the Lewis and Clark Trail. It follows the Missouri River pretty closely.

Anyway, I tagged along but I don’t do tents so Mike and I stayed at a Bed and Breakfast, Katy’s Little Lodge. It was wonderful. The lodge was great, not fancy but quite, charming and cozy; food was good and the company excellent. Took my reading material and my stitching and was as happy as a lark. 

Oldest Burr Oak in Missouri   Turkey Vulcher   Saturday morning we drove down to the Eagle Bluffs Conservation area to see if we could spot the eagles that have built nests here. Saw the oldest Burr Oak tree in Missouri and  lots of wildlife and beautiful scenery but couldn’t find the eagles or their nests. But we had no idea what we were looking for or where to look. But we had fun, saw flocks of Turkey vultures sitting in areas that really looked barren. It reminded me of Halloween. White and Blue Herons, 8-10 varieties of ducks and countless birds, it was a beautiful place and spring has not yet sprung here. Next couple weeks should be beautiful and then the babies will be hatching too.  

Then, we drove over to Rocheport to meet the boys and shop. Josh had a blow-out on his bike and was “not prepared” so he and a buddy carried the bike back to camp. So we spent most of the day driving between Huntsdale and Rocheport ferrying kids. There are some nice “adobes” built in this area and I had my reading material, so who cared… I wasn’t driving.

Late afternoon, Mike and I took off and headed to Colombia, Missouri to eat at Murry’s. Murry’s is this wonderful restaurant not far from the University of Missouri campus that serves great food. My favorite is Fried Green Peppers, I think I could eat this and nothing else. These green peppers are sliced in rings no thicker than a 1/4 inch, battered, deep fried and then dusted with just a tad of powdered sugar. They are to die for better than onion rings. I have tried to make them at home but my batter does not stick. I even had a friend who owned a restaurant in town and made incredible onion rings try and he couldn’t master them. So the only time I get them is when I go to Murry’s in Columbia, MO. Murry’s needs to open an annex in Kansas City.

Returned to the B & B and Patty the owner had baked mini choc chip muffins and started a fire. It was great and I settled in to stitch. We were sitting around watching movies, and talking about the day. Patty asked if we’d seen the nests and eagles but we said no. We told her we probably wouldn’t have know the nests if we saw them. It was just before dusk and she suggested we drive down and take a look…eagles are most active in morning and early evening.  Well, we would never have found these nests without her but once you see one you’ll never forget it. The are HUGE! Reminded me of tree forts only higher in the tree, they are something to see. Didn’t see an eagle but the nests were too cool.

 Eagle trees   composite of Josh’s pictures             Sunday morning, after the Boy Scouts broke camp we offered to take them down to the nests but we didn’t get any takers. But we decided to take Josh anyway, and what  a good decision that turned out to be! Sitting on a branch closest to the levy we were on was an eagle. It looked like it was just sitting there waiting for us…Oh, are they majestic or what! Got goose bumps just looking at it even without the binoculars. We were probably about a .1 mile from the trees but you could see it and knew what it was. Josh got the cool idea to take pictures using the binoculars as well as the zoom. Necessity, the mother of inventions and it worked too. I got to be the tripod, but that’s okay…I also got to hold the binoculars and see the eagle. I think his pictures turned out great for a inexpensive digital and binoculars. I also posted other pictures in my Flicker account of the conservation area, Rocheport and the vultures:  

Started home and stopped in Rocheport to check out the shops. A few were open and I bought some antique buttons for my stash. Made note of all the shops (not that many) for my next visit. We also drove through Booneville and other stop on the Katy trail but this town is larger than Huntsdale and Rocheport and I didn’t think it was a nice as the others. But then Rocheport was quaint and Huntsdale had the eagles…what could compete with this? 

Check out the Flicker pictures, these were all I got downloaded this morning before Josh went to school. I wanted him to have his composite for his Environmental Science class.

It was an incredible week-end!