Thank you

Thank you!

 to all of those who keep us free and have kept us free


Home…heart to follow


This is my inchy for the week. At first I was not going to participate this week but since I have spent my whole week home with some nasty bacterial infection, it just seemed natural to do “home” for a place.

This is not how I planned to spend the first truly beautiful week we have had in the Midwest (despite the tornados, that come with the season.) On April 10th I wrote Spring in the Midwest ( we have not had a warm week since. Oh we’ve had days but nothing like a true spring.  This past week was that week and I shared it with some nasty bacteria! Every part of my body ached, had low grade fevor and then a sinus infection to top it off. Two antibiotics later, I am on the road to recovery but am as weak as a kitten, tired and feel like a wrung out towel. It will probably take me a week to be hitting on all cylinders again.

I did make some interesting discoveries while I was out of commission and as soon as I sort out my thoughts on these discoveries I will write about them.

Hope everyone in the US this week-end will remember all of our heros who fought and are fighting to preserve freedom. May those away from home come back safely soon!