Home of the Free

I did get some things accomplished today. I put my red, white and blue decorations out. I usually try to have these out by Memorial Day and leave them up until Labor Day. But My lost days must have started in May. These are the stitched people in my collection. They are from left to right: Uncle Sam is a cone shaped ornament that I stitched for my mother when she broke her hip in 1998. She needed a bell to call for help and so Uncle Same is finished with a sleigh bell. I am sorry but I do not remember who was the designer of this canvas. “Stars and Sam” from Mosey N Me ( http://www.moseynme.com/ ) is next. I only stitched Sam and finished him as a stand-up.  The top angel is another piece that I cannot remember the designer’s name. There were several of these designs and some came with the canvas and some were just the instructions. She is finished like a tree topper.  (Addition: The designer is Pam Pabst, Angel Thread Designs…thanks Cynthia {http://cyns-stitches.blogspot.com/} for the lead.) The lower angel is also finished as as a tree topper and lays flat when in storage. She is a Painted Pony canvas http://www.paintedponyneedlepoint.com/index.html . Uncle Sam is a painted canvas from Princes and Me. http://www.princessandme.com/ . He was finished as a fold up ( two pieces held together with ribbon and he also will lay flat for storage. And the last two roll-ups are KS Designs (Kathy Schenkel) http://www.kathyschenkel.com/index.htm. Uncle Sam is really a Santa I believe but Betsy Ross is Betsy. If anyone can tell me the name of the unknown canvas designers I will be happy to include them here. Tomorrow I’ll do the stitched flags before the fireworks start.

I did spend most of my morning with a potta, a cuppa wouldn’t do it. And I still only got through my “C” list. but I added a few more blogs to my list. One thing leads to another…or should I say one blog leads to another and another and… But the day was not a waste I have been educated, inspired and enabled. It never ceases to amaze me how many truly talented and inspired people are out in this world.

Many of you mentioned the passing of Tim Russert, and I will miss him too. Meet the Press will never seem the same! He was so very fair in his journalism and I’ll bet he was one of the best bosses ever.  My Grandmother always said, ” The good die young” …he must have been very good! Reading about him in several blogs reminded me that I wanted to purchase his books: Big Russ and Me & Wisdom of our Fathers, so off to http://www.amazon.com I have been.

I can hardly wait for next weeks mail!

And as long as I was there, free shipping spoke to me and so I purchased another book: 4000 Flower & Plant Motifs Source book by Graham Leslie McCallum. http://www.amazon.com/4000-Flower-Plant-Motifs-Sourcebook/dp/071348909X/ref=pd_bxgy_b_text_b. Free shipping is free shipping. And since I have 36 books in my Amazon Wish list, I need to start making a dent in my wish list. If anyone would like to include me on their gift list, I am available.

So as you can see, I had a very productive day…I learned some things, was very inspired, impressed and even enabled…and all from the comfort of home.