March finish and April too

Last week spring got in the way of my sharing the designs I completed for St Pat’s Day and April too.


I am trying to complete a few small canvases a month and at the end of the year will put them in a book with the finishing instructions. Have even thought about marketing them individually with the finishing instuctions. When I get them all  completed I will give a set to each of the grandkids. And I have fould a new finishing idea…

I can’t tell you how happy I am that I found these Lucite products again. Cooper Oaks has a complete line of Lucite finishing products that are wonderful. I used lucite years ago when I was in teacher certification. I never knew what happened to the products until I found them again at Cooper Oaks. You can see the Lucite and there canvases at:   But you must order them through your local needlework shop! I really like products that I can use for more than a picture, pillow, stand up, etc.

This little box is great because I can store other designs in the box or use it as a small storage box or jewelry box. But the best part of these products is that I can make more than one design to fit, multi purpose. I like multi purpose.

 Not much progress on the Eagle, last week did a special project so the Eagle was on hold. But today am giving seious time to the Eagle. Need to call the framer to find out what my drop dead date is.