Day of THE Green

I would be remiss if I did not wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick’s Day…So Happy St. Patty’s Day!

Our corn beef has been smoked (thanks to #2 son) and my Irish cream is chillin and our mantle is decorated:


(L-R)   Radco ornament (one of two)

Kathy Schenkel March Santa (

Joan Lewis March Nutcracker (

My Celtic Origins Shamrock piece: search my blog for “Celtic”                                                                    (

Lego Leprechaun

Wooden box Irish Hex

Dede March snowman (

Leprechaun (sorry do not remember painter) but I do remember it was a monthly piece

Harp Lager beer Tap

Anne Stradal:  Leprechaun(

AKA Toppy: search my blog for “toppy” (

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI love all my needlework but I really love my Lego leprechaun. He was built by #1 son and his son, Cooper. I get to have him on the mantle in March and then he goes back to Cooper’s room for the rest of the year. Isn’t he the cutes?

And my other non-needlepoint, BUT still handcrafted is my Irish Hex box. Years ago we were traveling in Pennsylvania and I kept seeing these hex signs on buildings (mostly barns). But it didn’t register how large they must be (remember I was OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAtraveling with three young sons and a husband in a car and no needlepoint…I was a bit brain impaired) and I kept telling my husband I wanted one. I think out of desperation (he was going a bit nuts with the boys in the back of the car too) he finally found a place that sold hex signs and other things. Needless to say when we pulled up I realized they are huge and soon found out that a hex sign was not coming home with us (they would not trade us one hex sign for three boys…wonder why)  But they had a couple books on hex signs and of course books jumped right into my hands. Once I returned home I decided to paint some hex signs on smaller items and I loved the folklore  attached to the Irish Hex sign: The Irish were camped with other Pennsylvania troops at Valley Forge (yes during the Revolutionary War) and the Pennsylvania Dutch would tease the Irish. So the Irish made this hex sign and would taunt the Pennsylvania Dutch with this chant:

Hurray for the Irish

We’re not very much

But a damn sight better

Than the Pennsylvania Dutch.

And so today I leave you with this Irish Blessing for friends:

Wishing you a rainbow
For sunlight after showers—
Miles and miles of Irish smiles
For golden happy hours—
Shamrocks at your doorway
For luck and laughter too,
And a host of friends that never ends
Each day your whole life through!

Thank you for stopping by today and I hope you have time to stitch everyday! ttfn…sue


St Patrick’s Day


coat-scott1Today is St. Patrick’s day and it is definitely my day. I remember when I was a small girl in school, we had to fill out a census card that told out ethnic backgrounds and percentages. My dad set down and figured it up; I was  56% Scottish and 38% Irish with a 1.5 % each Germany and French and 2% English and 1% Indian. But he told me with my coloring, personality and temperament to just write 60% Scottish and 40% Irish. So all my life I have been Scotch-Irish and I married a Dutchman just to help the bloodline.

My needlepoint coat is one of two but alas I only have one completed today. This one is the Scott clan; it has the crest pin on the breast plate. I have another one for the Gordon clan. I got the clan badges at the Scottish Merchant, Alexandria Virginia ( .   I also have Scott clan ribbon that I plan to put around the base of the spool. In fact, I plan to buy wooden spools and pain the ends black and attach the ribbon to make them look more like tartan ware. I need to find ribbon in the Gordon plaid too…so if anyone knows where I might find 1 inch plaid tartan ribbon let me know please.

So today my Scotch-Irish blessing for all:

May you have needles that never tarnish.

May you have threads that never tangle.

And may all your stitches be perfect

And may you have hours to put them all together in your favorite project.

Happy stitching!