It Snowed!


First of all, my apologies to all who are still knee deep in snow and don’t care to see another flake for sometime…

But at my house, this is the first pretty snow we have had this year. I think we had a few dustings but nothing this pretty. And it is on the week-end so schools are not effected nor is the rush hour commute.  A pretty snow  stays on the trees and falls in soft round shapes on the patio furniture, walls and fences. It doesn’t effect powerlines and is easily removed from the roads. This is a snowman snow and I hope all the kids are out building snow families by the dozens.

rug-1  rug-2

This is the kind of snow to clean hooked rugs. I am not sure where I learned this trick but it works. You lay the hooked rug wrong side up on top of the snow. I only leave for 30 minutes and do not let it completely buried or soaking wet. After 30 minutes I shaking off all the snow first and bring the rug inside. Like I said I don’t know where I learned this trick but it works. It makes the colors clear and bright and takes the dust out. I will put it back out on top of the snow if the sun comes out for another 15-30 minutes.

If is also a good day to make hot chocolate, turn on the fireplace and stitch. So…