Hallmark cards

I want to preface this post by telling everyone that I think my home town newspaper and TV news medias are the worst. All of them can report the worst of the news but when it comes to events that are worth doing or seeing, both medias will only do so if time and space permits AND only after they have reported all the bad news.

Some where in the recesses of my mind, I remember my Grandmother telling me if you only look for the worst, the worst is what you will get. I would rather look for the beauty and happiness in the world… and thanks to Ann Martin in Delaware and her blog, All things Paper http://allthingspaper-annmartin.blogspot.com/ I found a little glimpse of it in my own hometown.

Because of her post I spent a few lucky hours taking pictures the Halls stores on the Plaza and Crown Center. It was such fun to see all the wonderful decorations that were created by some truly creative people. Everything was fun and everywhere you looked there are cards to see.  Each store had a dress I thought was incredible, the pajama guys were fun and the shoes and the hat were something to see. I especially liked the trees and wreaths but I think the flowers, were my favorite.  

Not only were the decorations wonderful but I also met the president of Halls stores, Mr. Kelly Cole. He happened upon me taking pictures and stopped to chat. He was so nice, took the time to tell me about the decorations and pointed out some that I should not miss. He is a walking ambassador for his stores; a breath of fresh air in this hustle-bustle world. You could tell just by listening to him he enjoys what he does. It was really refreshing to meet someone who enjoys what he does and who takes the time to share his joy with others.

I’ve post a few of my favorites here and all of them in my Flicker account:

http://www.flickr.com/photos/sudukc/sets/72157625678390104/ or http://www.flickr.com/photos/sudukc/

You might also enjoy seeing the how to’s of these creations




What a fun experience, thank you Ann Matin and Kelly Cole, you brightened my holiday. If you live anywhere close to Kansas City, give yourself a treat and go see this incredible display.

And hope in 2011 news medias will try and report something good every day…

Hope everyone has time to stitch today!  ttfn…sue