A 2fer: Raymond Crawford Acorn piece and local guide needs help

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI just finished Raymond Crawford’s Acorn piece it was fun to stitch. I had a slow start with it but then all of a sudden the stitches and threads just spoke to me and I was off and stitching,  I felt padded the lower part of the acorns and stitch padded the tops. I really like the curly things and I thought it was fun to experiment doing Shaped Crescent stitches. I got my inspiration for these stitches from Jean Hilton’s book, Stimulating Stitches. I think you can still get it from Stitcher’s Paradise (http://www.stitchers-paradise.com/index.htm). I think the hardest things on the piece were the green border areas and that was because I used Rainbow Gallery Neon Rays and laid both front and back…pain in the backside but oh so beautiful. Now it off to the finisher and then I’ll post a picture even though it is next years fall decoration.

I sent a copy of the stitch guide to Raymond and was thrilled that he posted a picture on his Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Raymond-Crawford-Designs/190891389362) .

But now it is back to reality…my desk is a mess and I did something I don’t ever think I’ve done before….I sent a designer back her finished instructions and they were not completed. She had given me another design to do and I went for it; just completely blocked out the fact that the other was not finished. I hope to finish this new one today and send it to her and get the other to complete.

And yes I am still working on My Value of Gray book. Since it is technically a color/design book there is more than just stitching to this, but I wanted some stitching to be included because I think stitchers like stitching…I know I do. I’ve been trying to keep the projects small so anyone wanting to try these could have ornaments or small projects to just take along.

13-10-30 elephant parts 1And before I forget this too…a lovely lady, Norma Gamble from my local guild downsized her stash and trust me it was a substantial down-size and I’m sure she still has plenty to keep her fingers busy. Anyway in this stash reduction were about 5 to 6 good sized canvases for a 3 dimensional piece. Our local finisher, Pat concluded that she thought this was a 3D circus elephant but we are not sure who painted it; it’s only 13-10-30 elephant parts 2identifying mark is the 309 on one of the canvases. The GKCNG has decided to use it as one of our philanthropic projects. We will stitch it, finish it, have a case made to donate as an art display piece to either to a local Ronald McDonald home or one of the two children’s hospitals here. The guild would like to know the designer and maybe there is a picture available for finishing…Does anyone recognize any of these 13-10-30 elephant parts 3pieces and if so who do you think was the designer. The GKCNG thanks you for your assistance.

And now I need to straighten up my desk before it swallows me up computer and all.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you have time to stitch today! ttfn…sue

Mother’s Day week-end and Mondays

Mother’s Day week-end the best ever!

Saturday spent the day visiting….




And the best canvas of the day went to Judi M. visiting her sister Kathie Q. The canvas is from Julie Pischke (http://www.juliepischke.com/)and a stitch guide was designed by Marlene Doak.    It is a Gecko tote and just too cute; those geckos are wonderful. And then of course when I finally set down to stitch (ha-ha-ha) I saw the rest of the canvas. Oh my BIG and cute!!!

Sunday was a food fest…My husband took me to for cinnamon rolls and coffee then it was off to church with our youngest son and his family. Got an orchid corsage from his family…the orchids are beautiful. Then brunch at an Italian Restaurant I have wanted to try for a long time; I had pasta, pasta and more pasta. An afternoon with ice tea, a book and nap…some of my favorite pastimes…then a steak dinner to top off my day. Mother’s Day was good.

Of course I have no idea what happened to Monday…it just came and went…with A LOT of HEAT I might add. I have decided that the weather in the Midwest is different at best. I am not going to complain about the heat…especially since there are friends that are in much more peril than I and trying to keep dry. I finally gave in last night and turned my air on but trust me when the temperatures go back to normal the air is off and the windows and doors back open. I will not miss Spring!

Oh yes, yesterday I spent my day researching laidwork. Most of the information is found in books about Goldwork or metal work. I’m not sure I just didn’t confuse myself more than I was already confused. Now I have about 10 books with book marks all over my work area…I think I’ll just give this a rest, mull over all the information floating around my brain and stitch. Maybe as I stitch some of the questions I have will resolve themselves or become more apparent. I’ll share as time goes on, but today I’m off to stitch.

I hope everyone has time to stitch today! ttfn…sue