Great giveaway and it made me think…

First, I need to apologize for not posting to my blog…life just gets in the way of my fingers. And sometimes it is a choice of reading all the really interesting blogs I have bookmarked or writing. Since I am more a verbal person the choice is easy for me I would rather here what you all have to say than write my blog.

That said, I found this very interesting give-a-way and it made me think about why I needlepoint…

Why I Love Needlepoint…Share with us why you Love Needlepoint!
Please let us know three reasons why you like to needlepoint.
How often do you stitch?
Do you usually stitch alone or with other people?

My answer:

I have been needlepointing since I was about 8 yrs old with some time off to be a teenager and a young mother. Being a young mother I needed something to keep my sanity and needlepoint was cheaper than a shrink (reason 1). I tried cross stitch, it was less expensive but not as rewarding. I love to take a blank canvas, combine threads and stitches to make a design (reason 2). Today with all the threads, stitches, canvases and teachers available needlepoint is endless and such fun to do. Guilds, shop stitch-ins or just friends getting together is so rewarding and inspirational (reason 3). I think it is so rewarding to see all the different color and thread combinations that will be produced from a class project or just two people stitching the same painted canvas. Our personalities can shine and it also can be a history of our lives; when we look at our stitching we can usually remember what we were doing in out lives and how we were feeling. I try to stitch every day…A day without stitching is a day without sunshine. I love to stitch with friends but I also love to stitch alone…it really does not matter as long as I stitch!

Why do you needlepoint?





 bookcase-west1  fireplace  bookcase-east  tea




This is my den/office, it used to be my part of the  family room.When we remolded we split this room in half and made my den/office and a formal dining room. I love this room, it is about 12′ x 12′ square and is just cozy. The bookcases and fireplace were here before…I just make good use of the shelves. Bookcase ( left picture) are all my needlepoint and temari ball books. Fireplace has most of my Jiminy Cricket collection and the bookcase (right picture) has books on quilting, color and design and misc subjects. The cabinets below the bookcases have other books and notebooks that I don’t use as much or are too large for the top shelves.  

After a stressful week I decided to treat myself…not so much that it was stressful on me but it has been a stressful week for some of the people I love most. And I think that can be stressful to everybody, especially when there is nothing that you can do to help and you just have to stand by and hope and pray. Anyway, tonight I did  something I do not do often…I took the night off! I went into my den/office and cozied up in my favorite chair with an old sleeping bag army blanket to keep me cozy, a pot of tea, my fireplace on and some mellow music. Put the computer on my lap and read all my blogs I have bookmarked…I even went to some of their favorite blogs too. Anyway I spent the night here doing absolutely nothing but what I wanted and drinking tea.

This week I was at Tuesday Morning (   and bead-spinnerbought this goody that needed to be added to the tools I might need someday. It was dirt inexpensive and you never know when you might need a bead stringer.(




Seems like we have gone from early Spring (cool temperatures 50-60’s) to summer (90 today and yesterday). My iris are still blooming and I have red cherries on my counter. Hum-m-m very interesting weather.

Last week when I was not feeling well, and I’m still tired and weak but oh so much better! Anyway I spent a day looking at all your wonderful blogs that are out there. One day I even started at one blog and then went to a favorite blog of that person and so on until I was 2 hours deep into that first blog. Almost like having your own personal “google.” It was great fun and I was greatly inspired. As time passes I will add some of these sites to my blogroll. I’m still exploring all the possibilities. I know I went around the world several times and even though I could not read some of the blogs they all were inspirational! I felt very humbled and realized what a novice I really am at any endeavor I do.

There are so many of you ladies out there that are so talented and creative.

Thank you for sharing your talents with the world! What a blessing the Internet has become in sharing our talents and expertise. Whatever name we call ourselves…quilter, needlepointer, acrylic painter, oil painter, mixed media, whatever we choose…we are artists and we do make this a better world!

Thank you for making me feel better too!