Finished Snowmen

0090102-ur-snowman-91  Yesterday I finished two snowmen. Finishing is not my favorite part of needlepoint and I think that is why I usually leave this to my finisher. I don’t do a bad job finishing, but since I do not do it every day it is slow and cumbersome to me. Occasionally I finish something other than ornaments, it makes me appreciate the job the finisher does more. I like doing an occasional stand up…knock on wood I don’t have much trouble with these.

This Snowman is the Under the Rainbow canvas ( I wrote about on January 4:  

  I like these snow-people and will have to add more to my stash…after all this guy should not stand alone. 😉



snowman-1-clip-g My next snowman was a Fancy Carole canvas. Carole sold her line to GailVail and I’m not sure if this canvas is still available.  He is a half round  or a cone canvas…I like to finish them with a sleigh bell as ornaments. I thought I was going to have to wait until I purchased a sleigh bell to finish this piece but I found one in my work room….I told you my workroom needs to be overhauled…it is on the list.

I did Turkey Tufting for the hat but it almost covers his eyes. I have clipped it about as close as I can. But if this snowman were here in the Midwest his hat would have to be that low…we are expecting record lows this week. burr.

 I need to get some computer work done for a couple people this week so I will not be writing blogs until I get this work completed.