I learned something today & a giveaway

I just love reading the many different blogs I have bookmarked. Someday I will do a review of all, but today I want to mention this one for a couple reasons.

#1: Thread Gatherer is having this awesome giveaway (http://threadgatherer.blogspot.com/2010/07/its-giveaway-time.html), that I want to win (so why I am telling everyone who reads my blog I do not know but I am because it was an “ah-ha” moment for me, But I still want to win this wonderful flower frog because I will be 2/3rds of my way to a new collection…a reason to shop, I love it!

#2  I learned something today about my antiques, my “ah-ha” moment. Until I saw this basket on Thread Gatherer’s Blog I had never put two pieces of my Grandmothers crystal together. I had both parts and used the basket to hold antique spoons that I set out for tea and the frog was in a drawer waiting to be used. Once I saw the piece on Debbie’s blog I checked and yes you can even see the ridges to support the frog…As my Mother would have said, “The day is not a waste, I learned something.” Thanks Debbie, I don’t think I would have every put those two pieces together if not for your blog today.

And what do you do with a flower frog you might ask? Well, you could put flowers in it, the purpose for which it was intended or you can re-purpose into a stitching frog to hold your scissors, laying tools, and thing that will fit into the holes of the frog and use by your stitching nest. Or as I intend to do with my Grandmother’s basket…display some of my collection in style.

And what happened to the spoon collection? It got moved to the sugar bowl of the sugar and creamer set…but will change to the cramer after I polish the spoons…but for now…

I’m off to stitch with a smile on my face. Hope everyone has time to stitch today too!  ttfn…sue