Happy Birthday USA and Edward too

Today is my youngest son’s birthday, I am trying to refrain from calling him “my baby” since he is 38 years old and has four babies of his own. He thinks the Fourth of July is held in his honor and has had those thoughts since birth. His brothers call him the “Chosen One” and I am sure will be relentless today on Facebook.

I finally finished finished 4th of July canvases that have been in my workroom for ages. Like I have said before and will say again I can do finishing, it is not my favorite thing to do. I just still have not looked for a finisher since my friend and finisher Patty passed away; I still miss her infectious smile and sunny attitude. I know I could take the finishing into my local shop and have them do it, but I just loved being able to communicate my finished conception to Patty or to have her tell me her ideas. I know I don’t do the excellent job that Patty or another professional finisher would do but let’s face it most of my needlepoint is not going to the Smithsonian. (I do have a White House Christmas stocking there…probably the only piece I will have in their inventory)

The two small canvases are freebies of mine from Rainbow Gallery. They are about 15-20 pieces down on the Rainbow freebie page (http://www.rainbowgallery.com/freechartdownloads.cfm?ID=12 ) . The large star is a Fancy Carole needlepoint piece and Carole Lake (http://www.carolelake.com/index.html ) did a stitch guide. I’m not sure the large star is still produced.

Like I said these are finally finished…they are completed projects from a bygone time. But they are 4 of July and this is the birthday of our Country, so …

Happy Birthday USA!! May you have many more “Home of the Free”, “Land of the Brave” years; may your flag wave proudly over all those who defend you, love you and care about your freedoms. When you look at the flag this week-end remember that the red represents all the blood that has been shed since 1776 to defend and protect our freedoms; the white is the purity of freedom we so cherish and the stars are but a sampling of the stars twinkling on us from above of those brave people who have died protecting our freedoms.

Happy Birthday



(And Edward too)

Hope everyone has time to stitch today too!  ttfn…sue

Finished Snowmen

0090102-ur-snowman-91  Yesterday I finished two snowmen. Finishing is not my favorite part of needlepoint and I think that is why I usually leave this to my finisher. I don’t do a bad job finishing, but since I do not do it every day it is slow and cumbersome to me. Occasionally I finish something other than ornaments, it makes me appreciate the job the finisher does more. I like doing an occasional stand up…knock on wood I don’t have much trouble with these.

This Snowman is the Under the Rainbow canvas (http://www.undertherainbowdesigns.com/) I wrote about on January 4: https://sudukc.wordpress.com/2009/01/04/next-finishing-projectnext-finishing-project/.  

  I like these snow-people and will have to add more to my stash…after all this guy should not stand alone. 😉



snowman-1-clip-g My next snowman was a Fancy Carole canvas. Carole sold her line to GailVail and I’m not sure if this canvas is still available.  He is a half round  or a cone canvas…I like to finish them with a sleigh bell as ornaments. I thought I was going to have to wait until I purchased a sleigh bell to finish this piece but I found one in my work room….I told you my workroom needs to be overhauled…it is on the list.

I did Turkey Tufting for the hat but it almost covers his eyes. I have clipped it about as close as I can. But if this snowman were here in the Midwest his hat would have to be that low…we are expecting record lows this week. burr.

 I need to get some computer work done for a couple people this week so I will not be writing blogs until I get this work completed.