The better to see you with my dear….

Okay so I never was good with time…two weeks a month all relative.

But can I see…I have heard people say after cataract surgery, “white is white again”, but I had no idea what they meant until now. White is white again, colors are brighter, tints, shades and tones are clearer…oh my, what a difference! I was telling an artist friend of mine this and he said he was going to the eye doctor to see if they would do his eyes. Didn’t have the heart to tell him that the lenses have to be clouded first; if you’re not ready…you’re not ready.  And I can see 100 yards away…but up close is another story. But up close has been a problem since I was about 40 years old and I can correct that at the local pharmacy with readers.  I have my mag-eyes too and have been stitching.

At first, with one eye corrected it was not fun…computer and stitching gave me a headache (not to mention the sinus infection I had); so I did very little computing or stitching. But after my other eye was corrected and I found the reading glasses that worked I was back to stitching and computing.

But my poor blog has suffered…it is so-o-o-o easy to get out of the habit of writing for a blog. I really do not know how Mary Corbet (Needle ‘n Thread and Jane Wood  (Chilly Hollow do it. Every day without fail, it never ceases to amaze me and Jane also runs a Facebook page too.  I’m lucky to do once a week on a good roll.

But I will get back to the blue bird I waited to stitch until I could see, so next week I promise will show you some flowers…I really like this flower stitching. Here’s a hint…

2015-10-07 flowers

Thank you for staying around and Thank you for stopping by today.

I hope you find time to stitch today!


Taking a break

I am taking a two week break. Had a cataract removed from one eye and am having the other done in 10 days. And to add a little twist,  I either have a cold or allergies in my sinuses (even the doctor can’t decide). So since I tire out quickly and the whiteness of the screen tires both my good and bad eye, I am limiting my time on the electronic devices. My eyes are very important to me!

I am stitching and will be back in a couple weeks with ribbon flowers on the bird.

Thank you for stopping by… I hope you find time to stitch today!


Scare of the week

Had a little scare this week (hope it is the worst thing that happens all year); New Year’s Day woke up with a flashing in my left eye on the left side. Didn’t hurt but was plenty annoying. Just didn’t stitch but did go to the movies. Every year we go to a movie on New Year’s Day with at least two other people sometimes six…just whoever is available and wants to see the movie of choice. This year our movie was “War Horse”. Great movie, even if my eye was flashing. The movie is fiction but a story based on horses used in WWI. War Horse has been a theater play with the horses cast as puppets. Go see it if you get a chance or at least rent it.

Anyway Monday the eye was better, not flashing but I could see floaters of to the left. But Monday was a holiday and so couldn’t do anything yet. Tuesday I plain forgot…It was a quiet day, at last; everyone back to work, the house was quiet and so was I. Other than a couple blog posts and reading blogs I did little. By Wednesday, my eye was not bothering me but knew I needed to get it checked out so I called doctor and good friend to get names of eye doctor, both gave me the same office. Thursday morning called to make an appointment and office decided they needed to see me immediately…now if that doesn’t scare the you know what out of you know who. So Thursday, I spent two plus hours in the eye doctor’s office. She dilated both eyes but the left one got extra stuff and then checked both eyes. But the left one has been looked at up and down, right and left, with umpteen lenses and the conclusion: I’m getting OLD! I could have told her this…Seems as we age; the vitreous (clear gel-like fluid that fills the eye) shrinks and pulls away from the back wall of the eye, this causes floaters and flashes. It is not something to worry about BUT you should have it checked out because it can tear the retina and that is SERIOUS! In my case; the right eye is older (the vitreous has already shrunk and detached) the left eye must be younger (or at least hanging on to what is left of younger)…and is still attached, but coming loose.

My eyes never focused Thursday so stitching was out, reading was not an option, so I listened to TV. My left eye has bothered me more Friday and today than it did with the flashing. Waters and itches but doctor said there would be irritation…after all, she did put a lens right on the eyeball to look inside. Have another appointment in three weeks to recheck and see if left eye has decide to give it up gracefully and accept it is getting old!

Other than old eyes I am fine, doctor was real impressed with needlework and the range of magnification used to stitch; my reading glasses are 150 but the mag-eye is 400; had a couple other pair 175 and 225 with me too. Explained the range depends on the piece, the technique and lighting. Try to keep lighting as bright as possible but sometimes that dark canvas even with a white stitching cloth underneath needs help.

Do yourself a favor and get your eyes checked if you haven’t done so in a while. Our eyes are very important to our art…we can’t stitch without them.

Hope everyone has time to stitch today!  ttfn…sue