My Day at Lego Discovery Center

I know this isn’t needlework related but it was so cool I just have to share it.

About a week ago, my grandson was asked (actually he signed up and was chosen. He is one of 25 children ages 9-12 years of age out of over 100 that signed up) to be part of the Lego Guinness World Record attempt (and they did it! 🙂 )Here’s a story about it:  or

AND he asked me if I would like to go with him and his father…How can you refuse an invite like this!? There was one small hitch; we had to be at Lego Discovery Center at 5:15 A.M.

I went and I’m so glad I did, it was not only great for him but I had the best time too! How often do you get to go to Lego and have the whole place almost to yourself?  While my grandson was in a room breaking a world record I got to walk around the Lego displays and take it all in and snap a few pictures too. It was like having the entire place to myself and it was just too cool!

My mother used to say I was a bird and lived in a tree; I told my kids this when special things happened to them and now they tell their kids this too. And guess what.. that bird is at Lego land… he must be ours!

Our Lego Discovery Center has a room with our town built in Legos…I was like a kid in a toy store…look here, look here and there too…it was so-o-o-o cool. The Power and Light building even had the changing color top I remembered from my childhood. The Plaza is decorated with working Christmas lights for the holidays, the Nelson Art Gallery, the new Kaufman Music Center, the Catholic Cathedral complete with gold spire, Train station, Liberty Memorial and so much more. All our sports centers are built, Starlight Theater, President Truman’s home and even the Land of Oz. and the room changes from daylight to nighttime with fireworks over the one of the sport stadiums. Lego cars drive on the streets, a Lego train runs through town, a boat floats down the river, fountains have water, and …I think no matter how many times you are lucky enough to visit you will see something new.

And there were Lego figures of people, animals, pictures and even benches. I just couldn’t get over how really amazing this place is in the relatively small area it is built. I won’t load all the pictures here but you can look  at My flicker account if you want  see our early morning at Lego Discovery Center. Try links below or click on icon to the right: or

Now I am going to get some work completed, take a nap, and stitch the evening away. I’ve had a great day and it’s only 3 o’clock in the afternoon!

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have time to stitch today!

Ort Box Memories

I went to clean out my ort box today and had to stop and look at all the orts. I have stitched… just not blogged about the stitching. Looking at these orts brought back a flood of memories I’ll share some with you as the year comes to an end.

This has been a year of us and downs; but something good always comes from something unpleasant… I lost a very dear friend, Bill E. (aka: WEE) this summer to Colon Cancer. He put up a valiant fight and dealt with his disease in his own dignified style. I will miss WEE forever, he is a good man. We have been friends since my second son brought him home to eat chip chocolate cookies (and yes Bill, it is chip chocolate…not chocolate chip). I will never eat another chip chocolate cookie that I don’t think of you, Bill.

Quick version of the story: Please note the following story took place in the 70’s when life was a bit safer than it is today…

One day I was baking cookies, kids were outside playing; Hugh, second son, was about four or five and had wandered down to the new neighbor’s front porch. They had a fish tank and Hugh was fascinated (a fascination that has lasted his whole life) and went in to look. I guess (I never asked) in the course of the conversation, it came up that I was home baking cookies. Anyway, Hugh came home and asked for a couple cookies for himself and his new friend, I gave them to him and off he went. He came back again and asked for more, I suggested that it might not be a good idea since it was almost dinner time and anyway, what did his new friend’s mother think about him having more cookies? Hugh left, only to return and tell me, “My friend doesn’t have a mother.” Opps, well what does his father think about him eating all these cookies? Off to new friend only to return with, “My friend doesn’t have a Dad either.” Now, Hugh has my full attention, he is playing with someone who has no adult supervision (not that Hugh was getting much adult supervision at the same time); maybe you should bring this new friend home to meet Mom. Off Hugh goes, and I, now ice tea in hand, go to front porch to watch. After a few minutes here comes Hugh holding the finger of this adult’s hand; I was sure Dad had come home and Hugh and his new friend were in serious trouble for being in the house with no adult supervision. But before I could apologize for my son’s behavior, Hugh introduced me to his new friend, Bill E. After I stopped being total embarrassed for my son bothering the new neighbor, I found out Bill was a hungry law student with a fish tank. I made a deal with Bill; I would feed him if he would to my legal work for life. Bill nicknamed Hugh, “Huge,” (another lifelong attachment) that proved to be prophetic…Hugh is 6 feet 4 inches, weighs a lot and is the largest of my children.  And that day over ice tea and chip chocolate cookies a family friendship was born which has lasted a lifetime.

But as the song says, “ For every time there is a season” and now the new season begins; Bill has a namesake, born this fall (fitting that it was the first day of fall too), Willow Emma (another WEE but more beautiful). I could hear him telling me how beautiful she is and that no other girl can compare, the new love of his life. She is his first grandchild, born to his oldest son Ron and his wife Nellie.

And that leads me to one of my finished project(s); I crocheted a baby blanket for the new baby this summer and fall. I tired early this summer to teach Bill to crochet, but to no avail…he said I went too fast. But I did show him the yarn and pattern and told him I would complete it for the new baby. Then Bill’s wife, Jessica, asked me to help complete the blanket she knitted for baby Willow; so I crocheted the edging and lined her blanket…It’s that the coolest knitting pattern, I can’t knit but I love this blanket.

If you would like to read more about Bill, Ron has written three wonderful articles about his dad. The last one was this Christmas Eve 2010.

1st story, Dec 12, 2008:

2nd story, November 20, 2009:

Dec 24, 2010:

Hope everyone has time to stitch today!  ttfn…sue

No April Fool…Spring is here.

I had a blog post for today but as I sat in my study with my morning cuppa reading my bookmarked blogs I noticed the sun shinning; birds tweetering; and my window curtains fluttering in the breeze. As I got up to refill my cuppa I noticed Spring had sprung…The Forsythia have popped, jonquils/daffodils are everywhere…Oh such a welcome after this winter.  I hope wherever you are today, it is as beautiful as it is here. I am pausing to open all the windows and doors in my house…out with winter in with fresh spring air.

I have been working on the Eagle and I think I may make this deadline. Of course there are no stitched Easter eggs as planned but there is always next year.

I also have another project in the works and I will tell you more about it later but will give you a sneak peek today. And the “God gave us” for my namesake is still in the computer…this one may be late.

I think my computer, cuppa and I will head for the patio to finish reading my bookmarked blogs and enjoy the day that has begun so magnificently. I heard the weatherman say “rain” this evening and tomorrow but nice for Easter Sunday…okay I can handle that as long as the four letter word starts with “R” and not “S”. And yes, I have seen that four letter “S” word in April,  but not this year I hope.

Happy Spring, Easter, Passover to all.


It’s May!

Before everyone thinks I have dropped out of blogging I thought I should explain.

It is May!

Unlike Camelot, where everyone frolics in the meadow singing:

“Tra la! It’s May!
The lusty month of May!
That lovely month when ev’ryone goes
Blissfully astray.
Tra la! It’s here!
That shocking time of year…”

 Blissful is not a word I would use to describe this month; shocking is more like it!  I am running from pillar to post like the Mad Hatter. “I’m late; I’m late for a very important date.”  I think I even passed myself on the street the other day wearing the same outfit.

 We have house guests for two months; one of our three sons, Hugh and Anie, 2 dogs and 2 cats have moved in with us until their house is ready sometime around June 1. Even with the added confusion, it is great because Hugh is a great cook. I love it when he starts looking around my kitchen or comes in carrying grocery sacks…it means some culinary delight is about to appear.

 I am working on teacher projects between May Day celebrations, graduations (and all the other days leading up to these events), birthdays and getting Grandson tested and enrolled in Junior College. May ranks right up there with December as a busy time of year. So, if you don’t hear from me very often know that I am reading everyone’s blogs when I can squeeze out a few minutes. Barbara Bergsten ( wrote on her blog about where we stitch ( Right now, all I do is think about stitching. I can’t remember the last time I had a needle in my hand…Oh yes; it was on my way to someone’s birthday…I was sewing on a button in the car.

 And after I get my house back, I am going to think about re-organizing my stash in my stitching room. I read Barbara Bergsten’s storing stash ( I always wonder how others organize their stash. Right now, mine is by thread type: Rainbow Gallery silks are in one container sorted by number; Silk n Ivory is in another container, but it is sorted by color. Most of the threads are sorted by type and number. How do you store your stash and why?

Okay, my schedule for the day has changed yet again and I need to be off to the rat races…I am so far behind I look like I am winning the race. I will keep steeling a few minutes to read all your blogs and I will be back soon.


Changing the header

Yesterday, I decided to change the header of my blog.

The train did have significance and sentiment but only to me and did not reflect this blog. My youngest son had set this blog up for me and this was his choice of a picture. His brother, my second son also works for the railroad that sponsors this train so it had significance but mostly sentiment. I always intended to change it but it was another one of those “to-its”. So I put it on my list and now I can cross it off…maybe this list thing isn’t to bad.



Yesterday I was taking the Christmas things hanging on my hall wall and that’s where this picture hangs. I love this needlepoint and the attachments; The attachments were a bracelet that became to fragile to wear from a special friend. I also like it because it was quick and easy to stitch; it is a combination of 6 inchies to make an ATC (Artist Trading Card).




hall-1  hall-21




My hall connects the front of the house to the back of the house. I love this wall, it has a lot of things that I love to look at…it is my eclectic wall and has so many family memories.




calendarThis is “Master Calendar for 112 years”. from 1844 to 1956.It was my father’s and he kept it on his desk at work even after 1956. I keep it accurate only the year is 1909.













A glove stretcher (it was used to dry those cotton gloves we all wore in the 40-50’s)

Antique keys (don’t you wonder what secrets they hold?) and a brass stencil of a tulip, our last name means tuilip.

A zodiac plate from Brazil, and abacus, and my Grandmother’s tea strainer that I still grab to use.

A Mari plate that has so many cracks is looks like a mosaic, but my favorite aunt loved it and I just could not bear to see it thrown away. I hung it up close to ceiling and you would be surprised at the number of people who comment on how pretty it is. Some I show it’s faults, others I just smile to myself and say thanks.

The tree I made in the 80’s during my wood cutting days…there is a walnut angel and pineapple hanging also. We hung the ribbons from the tree during the 1st and 2nd gulf wars. Look at the beads to the left of tree, they were my baby toys. One set is wood and the other the Bakelite, but what is most interesting is both are strung on string and the pieces are small.  Boy what a hazard these are by today’s standards…not to mention that the paint could have lead… and yes they were chewed on.

And the last plate was from my Great Aunt Rose and Aunt Hazels kitchen. These two favorite aunts could make shoe leather taste good. They loved to cook and Thanksgiving at their house was a feast…and meal at their house was a feast. Whenever we have family “get-to-geters”, I look at this plate and know that traditions continue.




And this is my mystery antique. It is metal, the thing on the end is like a spring over the end. It does not bend. It is 3 inches long and 3/4 inch wide at the bow underneath the spring. 

 Anyone know what it is? I’ll tell you Friday. This is a conversation piece when people see it…







 I love my street sign. We were in New Orleans for Carnival (Mardi Gras is only Fat Tuesday) in 1986. We saw 9 parades in three days, it was quite an experience. These signs hang all over the city, each parish had their own sign. This one is from Jefferson Parrish. I wanted one, so I asked the Commander of County Sheriff’s Department how to get one. He looked at me like I was nuts, but gave me his card and told me to write after Carnival was over. I did and he sent this to charge! I can’t believe they didn’t sell them. What a great fund raiser.

I love greeting cards and some are too cool. I frame many greeting cards to hang, it is great inexpensive artwork. If I ever get tired of them I can replace them, so far that has never happened.  These are from Mary Engelbreit, she autographed one for me too. I have three sets of these: this one books, the “good to be the Queen” pair and “Grow old with me” pair.

And of course needlework.


mountain-star1The sunflowers are one of about 12 of these I did for a ANG certification piece I was doing. I stitched them to see which color combinations worked well, and which stitch combinations I liked best. I gave most of them away as Christmas gifts the year I made them.

The gray piece is Mountain Star. I taught this as part of my ANG certification in Denver. I only taught it in pinks or blues but my husband wanted this color for his office.

There’s a lot more hanging there: Family pictures, Pat Buckley Moss prints, Charlie Harper postcards, some original art work, stained glass pieces, my uncle’s horse and camel crop (complete with poker), brass knuckles that belonged to my husbands grandfather. My mother’s last Fuller Brush vegetable brush…she loved these things and we found boxes of them. We just used them up last year except for this one that we hung.  Like I said this is a fun hallway, full of memories and reminders of many generations who made us who we are.

This post got carried away down memory lane, but I can now mark dusting all the pictures and wall off my list. 🙂


Made a list

I read somewhere that to change a behavior you must do it for 28 days, then you own it. I’ve also heard 3 months… We’ll see if I last 28 days or three months…

I made a list yesterday and it is quite impressive…Even used the task manager on Outlook express to do it. It already has red dates (overdue) stuff, but I fell good about it.  We will see.

I even managed to check one task off…the Santa’s are almost all put away. Most are back home on their shelf in the basement. Like I said could not pare down any, I love them all. I still  have the needlework ones to pack up I do not store these in the basement.

Okay, I’ve had my cuppas and I’m off to accomplish the day.


A new feature

Since I am always having trouble posting to my blog I want to try this new feature out before I am trying to post something for all to see. This is a QuickPress feature and I am suppose to be able to also upload a picture or two…we shall see. Did notice I need to be able to spell correctly (not one of my stonge suits even before spell checker). 0812-buttons3

It worked but I still have to make manual adjustments and spell check. Okay hopefully I can keep up this blog more often now.

Merry Christmas

Surprise, surprise, surprise. I really could not let the holiday go by without wishing everyone a Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday.

I have been busier than a “a new flea at flea flicker party.” (My uncle used to say something close to this, wish I could remember his exact phrasing). And yes, then I got out of the habit of writing and…just sorry I have not been as attentive to my blog as I should; hopefully 2009 will be better.

But in my defense, I will share with you what I have been doing the last few weeks.

 2008 Chrismas ornamentsFirst buttons, these were my ornament for the year. More about these later…Just know I stitched + or – 96 of those and have less than 6 left. All my grandchildren get one, friends, husband’s office and my uncle’s nursing staff (he is in a nursing home).

0812-sugar-cookie-11  0812-sugar-cookie-21  0812-sugar-cookie-31

And cookies!!! Every year I say not again but + or – 45 dozen later I am cookied out. Again family and friends are the recievers and of course Santa…I saved four families (my own I might add) cookies for Santa.  I am cook(ie)ed out!

Today is a day of peace and quite, watched movies, read and napped…and posted to my blog.

Merry Cristmas to all.