Eagles…the real thing

I first saw this on TV news and then Theresa at Homestread Needlearts mentioned it in her newsletter: http://www.homesteadneedlearts.com/ .  Now, I am so addicted to this webcam: http://raptorresource.org/falcon_cams/index.html ,  I have split my screen and keep it running all day. I may never get anything accomplished.

You can read all about eagles here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eagle and Bald Eagles here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bald_Eagle

This morning about 8:15 AM- CDT one eagle got off the nest and feed the two eaglets that have hatched, there are three eggs in the nest. Then it flew off and within a couple minutes either it or the other returned. I haven’t figured out who is who yet, I remember reading the female is usually larger. At 9:00 AM CDT both eagles were in the nest. And at about 9:15 both were standing. As I write this at 10:30 AM-CDT I think Mom is on the nest and Dad is setting on a near by limb and occasionally comes over to check things out. I think he is suppose to be attending to the nest but in typical make fashion I am sure he is waiting for her to get off the nest and take care of this too (typical male).

The webcam does move and obviously sometimes makes a noise because the nesting eagle will whip it’s head around to check it out.

These eagles are so impressive…it makes me want to stitch eagle heads forever:



Hope everyone has time to stitch today! Me too;-)  ttfn…sue

Odds & Ends

I have mentioned several projects and never finished up on them. So today is my catch up day.

3rd Eagle has already flown my coup and is happily perched at his new home with #3 Eagle Grandson  AJD. At his Eagle reception it was noted that the next one is possibly 10 years away…I may not live that long (no, there is nothing wrong with me today…but only The Big Guy knows when my time is up) so, I have decided to stitch the remaining three possible candidates and have them preserved like a wedding dress and then when the time comes, someone will add the year and have it framed. I’ll keep you posted on this progress.

Namesake Granddaughter piece also has gone to it’s new home. She is such a good girl (must take after her namesake), she slept through the entire baptism, nary a peep (not her namesake). 

And Lucy is finally hanging on the wall. I showed Lucy her picture and she growled at it…must mean she thinks it looks like her. I Love Lucy!

I took a class from Sue Reed the 3rd weekend in April and have finished stitching the piece. I lent it to a friend that was unable to attend the class so she could get an idea of what the piece should resemble. I have not decided how to finish the project, but am leaning to a pillow.

AND I completed Eagle #4 and will take it to the cleaners to have packaged & preserved next week. I thought I would do #5 and #6 too but decided that I burn out when I repeat stitch and #6 might not look too good. So…

I need to take time off from projects that have to be completed, stitching eagles and do something else. So I am completing my Deborah Forney HO-HO-Ho Santa (http://www.deborahforney.com/) . Another class I took last year and haven’t stitched on since. I am following the instructions and stitching each section top to bottom. I think there are a couple of places I will do something differently but so far straight from her teaching guide to my canvas. Something for me unless I decide to give it away.


The Eagle…is at the framer

Last week-end I spent marathon stitching, really it started last Wednesday. And as with any deadline of mine life seems to step in the way…until Friday it seemed that very little stitching was accomplished. Random stitching is so-o-o much fun. I love they way you can show direction and it is so cool that there is really no right or wrong direction. I think it stitches quickly too when one does not have to stop for the small daily interferences of daily life and eating & sleeping.  The body is a brick stitch over four and will take a bit longer since it is two ply Impressions…can you say lay, laid, laid. Did manage a dinner with my DH at son’s restaurant and stopped to pick up a wedding shower gift (wedding gift too…why make two trips).

Saturday became crunch day, I went to the framers and Monday is the drop dead day in order to have back by Sunday April 18th. Picked up the Eagle pin at the Scout office attended wedding shower, stopped by the grocery store and stitched the rest of the day. Finished the body and then put the remaining Random stitches over the body. Even manage to start the Bargello pattern for the wing.

Sunday attended church and remembered a favorite priest was celebrating his jubilee mass later that morning and having a reception…so I came home started dinner returned to church for jubilee reception, back home with time to stitch and then dinner with the family and finally peace and quite to stitch…Why does it seem to take longer too lay threads when you are under time constraints? But I stitched and finished at12:25 Sunday night/Monday morning. Finally bed and up again Monday morning at 6:30 attached Eagle pin and was off to start my week.


I have carpooled a grandson to and from school, been to the airport and back, dropped off the eagle at the framers, had a great lunch and now I am thinking about bed and a good night’s sleep.  Tomorrow is gift for my new granddaughter…not a stitch taken but it will be finished by Saturday so it can go to the framers to have back for the next weekend. 


No April Fool…Spring is here.

I had a blog post for today but as I sat in my study with my morning cuppa reading my bookmarked blogs I noticed the sun shinning; birds tweetering; and my window curtains fluttering in the breeze. As I got up to refill my cuppa I noticed Spring had sprung…The Forsythia have popped, jonquils/daffodils are everywhere…Oh such a welcome after this winter.  I hope wherever you are today, it is as beautiful as it is here. I am pausing to open all the windows and doors in my house…out with winter in with fresh spring air.

I have been working on the Eagle and I think I may make this deadline. Of course there are no stitched Easter eggs as planned but there is always next year.

I also have another project in the works and I will tell you more about it later but will give you a sneak peek today. And the “God gave us” for my namesake is still in the computer…this one may be late.

I think my computer, cuppa and I will head for the patio to finish reading my bookmarked blogs and enjoy the day that has begun so magnificently. I heard the weatherman say “rain” this evening and tomorrow but nice for Easter Sunday…okay I can handle that as long as the four letter word starts with “R” and not “S”. And yes, I have seen that four letter “S” word in April,  but not this year I hope.

Happy Spring, Easter, Passover to all.


Feast or Famine

My life seems to be feast or famine; I either have no deadlines or too many; nothing to blog about or more than I can post in one day.

 I have been stitching, first I was working on St Patrick designs and had planned on starting on Easter eggs. But then Number 3 Grandson decided to finish his Eagle requirements and his troop included him in the April Court of Honor; so Grandma is working on Eagle #3. This is my stitching nest, close to the TV, I will be spending long hours here trying to meet a April 18th deadline…notice the real Lucy is keeping my seat warm while I post this blog and there’s even the current Needlepoint News waiting to be read. I have thumbed through it and agree with the online posts that it is a great issue. But I must stitch!

 And a week later my namesake is being Baptized and I haven’t even begun to chart her “God gave us”, let alone take a stitch… I think I have my work cut out for me. I may not make the completely finished and framed deadlines but hoping to at least make the stitching finished deadline.

So bear with me, I will have to come up for a stitching break occasionally and I will try to post the new blog entries I have to tell you about…and keep you posted on the progress of the Eagle and God Gave us.


Canvas no longer available

Eagle finishedI mentioned the Eagle canvas in a previous post. It is a perfect canvas to give to an Eagle Scout. I bought this one on Ebay and I keep looking for more. I have even looked for other Eagle designs I could use but so far have not found any others I like as well.

 I knew who the designer was and contacted her through her web page; it was stated that multiple canvases could be done of retired canvases. I received a brief email stating this canvas was no longer painted and that even multiple copies could not be ordered. I think this designer has even stopped painting canvases.

 I used the original canvas but I would like to do others for my other Grandsons as they reach the rank of Eagle Scout; I have possibly 5 more Eagle Scouts and maybe more (yes, I am going to be a Grandmother again.) And this is my quandary…if the canvas is not being reproduced,  am I going to be in copyright infringement if I adapt this canvas for my own use and never sell them?

 As I said I am still looking for these Canvases on eBay but have never seen another one in two years.

 What do you all think?


Incredible week-end!

I just got back from the most incredible week-end!

My grandson lives with us and went on a camp-out with his Boy Scout Troop this week-end to ride part of the Katy Trail. The Katy trail will eventually connect from St Charles Missouri to Kansas City, Missouri. It is the longest “rails – to – trails” trail in the United States and is also in parts the Lewis and Clark Trail. It follows the Missouri River pretty closely.



Anyway, I tagged along but I don’t do tents so Mike and I stayed at a Bed and Breakfast, Katy’s Little Lodge. http://www.katyslittlelodge.com/ It was wonderful. The lodge was great, not fancy but quite, charming and cozy; food was good and the company excellent. Took my reading material and my stitching and was as happy as a lark. 

Oldest Burr Oak in Missouri   Turkey Vulcher   Saturday morning we drove down to the Eagle Bluffs Conservation area to see if we could spot the eagles that have built nests here. Saw the oldest Burr Oak tree in Missouri and  lots of wildlife and beautiful scenery but couldn’t find the eagles or their nests. But we had no idea what we were looking for or where to look. But we had fun, saw flocks of Turkey vultures sitting in areas that really looked barren. It reminded me of Halloween. White and Blue Herons, 8-10 varieties of ducks and countless birds, it was a beautiful place and spring has not yet sprung here. Next couple weeks should be beautiful and then the babies will be hatching too.  

Then, we drove over to Rocheport to meet the boys and shop. Josh had a blow-out on his bike and was “not prepared” so he and a buddy carried the bike back to camp. So we spent most of the day driving between Huntsdale and Rocheport ferrying kids. There are some nice “adobes” built in this area and I had my reading material, so who cared… I wasn’t driving.

Late afternoon, Mike and I took off and headed to Colombia, Missouri to eat at Murry’s. Murry’s is this wonderful restaurant not far from the University of Missouri campus that serves great food. My favorite is Fried Green Peppers, I think I could eat this and nothing else. These green peppers are sliced in rings no thicker than a 1/4 inch, battered, deep fried and then dusted with just a tad of powdered sugar. They are to die for better than onion rings. I have tried to make them at home but my batter does not stick. I even had a friend who owned a restaurant in town and made incredible onion rings try and he couldn’t master them. So the only time I get them is when I go to Murry’s in Columbia, MO. Murry’s needs to open an annex in Kansas City.

Returned to the B & B and Patty the owner had baked mini choc chip muffins and started a fire. It was great and I settled in to stitch. We were sitting around watching movies, and talking about the day. Patty asked if we’d seen the nests and eagles but we said no. We told her we probably wouldn’t have know the nests if we saw them. It was just before dusk and she suggested we drive down and take a look…eagles are most active in morning and early evening.  Well, we would never have found these nests without her but once you see one you’ll never forget it. The are HUGE! Reminded me of tree forts only higher in the tree, they are something to see. Didn’t see an eagle but the nests were too cool.

 Eagle trees   composite of Josh’s pictures             Sunday morning, after the Boy Scouts broke camp we offered to take them down to the nests but we didn’t get any takers. But we decided to take Josh anyway, and what  a good decision that turned out to be! Sitting on a branch closest to the levy we were on was an eagle. It looked like it was just sitting there waiting for us…Oh, are they majestic or what! Got goose bumps just looking at it even without the binoculars. We were probably about a .1 mile from the trees but you could see it and knew what it was. Josh got the cool idea to take pictures using the binoculars as well as the zoom. Necessity, the mother of inventions and it worked too. I got to be the tripod, but that’s okay…I also got to hold the binoculars and see the eagle. I think his pictures turned out great for a inexpensive digital and binoculars. I also posted other pictures in my Flicker account of the conservation area, Rocheport and the vultures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sudukc/.  

Started home and stopped in Rocheport to check out the shops. A few were open and I bought some antique buttons for my stash. Made note of all the shops (not that many) for my next visit. We also drove through Booneville and other stop on the Katy trail but this town is larger than Huntsdale and Rocheport and I didn’t think it was a nice as the others. But then Rocheport was quaint and Huntsdale had the eagles…what could compete with this? 

Check out the Flicker pictures, these were all I got downloaded this morning before Josh went to school. I wanted him to have his composite for his Environmental Science class.

It was an incredible week-end!