June 10, 2010 – April 29, 2011

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Last Friday, I took a moment to read my blogs and when I had finished noticed that Brynwood Needleworks (http://brynwoodneedleworks.blogspot.com/  showed that a new post had been uploaded. My first thought was my computer was acting up yet again…and oh how I wish that had been the case.

I clicked on the link (http://brynwoodneedleworks.blogspot.com/2011/04/my-last-fezzik-friday.html ) and Fezzik’s picture came up with the title “My Last Fezzik Friday”.

It did not register.

Fezzik had early posted in the week he was going to have male surgery but not to worry he would be back and that’s what I first thought this blog was about. After I read this blog twice, I sat in disbelief…tears rolling down my face. I still shed a tear just thinking about him. I cannot imagine how Donna and her family are feeling.

My Lucy, came over and jumped up on my lap; something she never does when I’m working at the computer. She is always close, but today she sensed I needed something more. I sent Donna a note and then Lucy and I curled up on the couch for some cuddle time.

On a Sunday Morning show there was a story about police dogs and their partners, “Pooches That Protect” (http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=7364512n&tag=contentMain;contentBody). I was half way listening, drinking my coffee and reading my blogs when I heard the words: “partner”, “friend” and then “little attached” and “member of my family.”   Then I clicked on The Raspberry Rabbit blog (http://theraspberryrabbits.blogspot.com/2011/04/expert-herdsman-was-needed.html) and there was Fezzik. Michelle said he had cross theRainbow Bridge to help God with all his bunnies. All week-end Fezzik and Donna have been on my mind. The words from the show, “partner”, “friend” and “member of my family”   came flooding back and I was off to find the tissues again. I never met Fezzik but the blogs that were posted from him were sweet and endearing. You could not help but love this little guy. Again Lucy must have sensed the need to comfort me because she was right at my feet.

I sat for a moment, reflecting on our best friends. They are always ever ready to please us and comfort us. They don’t require any expensive gifts; they work and play with us for mere dog treats. All they ask of us is to feed and water them and be gentle with them. A pat on the head will make a tail wag, and those bright eyes light up. Just calling their name makes them come running.

I wrote Donna yesterday and asked her if I could write about Fezzik on my blog and she immediately replied sure. If you have a few moments, click on over to Brynwood Needleworks (http://brynwoodneedleworks.blogspot.com/ ) and read about Fezzik’s short time here with a family that loved and cherished him. There is also a photo album of him growing up. I hope it will be of some comfort to her to know that Fezzik touched many lives during his short stay on earth and most of those people only knew him from his pictures and his blog.

Give your pet a hug and … I hope everyone has time to stitch today! ttfn…sue

Transfer, catch-up and go on

lucyI spent yesterday, trying to transfer my old blog to this blog and have come to the conclusion that I just need to cut and paste. So the old blog is in italicized and editorial comments have been added.

Dec 19, 2007

Everything begins at some point and here is mine… my first post…my first blog.

I have decided to learn to blog in 2008. There are many reasons…first I just want to be able to say I can do this and last Sharon B is going to have an interesting challenge on her blog and I want to be part of this. From time to time I will fill you in on the some other reasons, I’m not sure I have them all sorted out in my head yet.

One thing I do know is I believe we can all learn from each other no matter if we are a designer, teacher or student…and no matter what are level of expertise we may be. Networking is a good thing and I think blogs will further enhance this idea… we never know what will inspire or be that “ah, yes”revelation for us or someone else.

The picture on my blog is Lucy, our dog. She is a cross between a Fox terrier and a Carin Terrier…my husband says she is a “Car-fox”…I say she is a “Foxy Carin.” Whatever you call her she is as spoiled as they get for any dog. Josh, our grandson named her Lucy so when he comes home he can say, “Lucy, I’m home!” (He’s been watching too much old TV) Nevertheless, Lucy is going to be immortalized in needlepoint. The canvas is painted and I have begun to stitch. I will try and get a picture before 2008 and post it.

And that was the first blog…