Olympics Needlepoint

14-02-22 olympic rings pict

During the Olympics I try to stitch something Olympic related. I have done boxes, ornaments, and even given a few away. See my blog back in 2008 for the Beijing Olympic needlepoint

(https://sudukc.wordpress.com/2008/08/26/olympicrings/) This year I did another rings and will probably make into an ornament for another grandchild.

14-2-22 olympic rings pg 1I finally got around to charting it for anyone out there who might want to make their own. I think I allowed to give this away, I just don’t think I can charge for it. But if you would like to make a donation to your favorite Olympic sport…I think that would be nice. If you have trouble downloading just let me know and I’ll send you a PDF files…

Enjoy the last few days of the Sochi Olympics.

14-2-22 olympic rings pg 2Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have time to stitch today! ttfn…sue

While Strolling through the blogs one day…

In the very, very month of May…This should be a song. Oh it is an oldie before computers and it was strolling through a Park. They should re-write because while not getting much exercise beside finger exercises…strolling through blogs is such fun. Although I think this habit should come with a warning, “Strolling through blogs may be hazardous to your day. You can stroll from one blog to another and never return to the original blog again. Someday I am going to keep count of how deep into a blog I go, from one friend to another to another and so on.

But that is not what inspired me today…while strolling through my favorite blogs I came across a picture that inspired that, “oh I have a couple of these and I need to find them.” Emma’s blog at DMC May 24th (http://dmc-threads.com/) feature an embroidered hat…I made a couple of these over 10 years ago …I know that’s older than dirt, but I only wear them one day a year. I am not a hat person, but I am even less a tick person and so at Boy Scout Camp on visitors Sunday I wear a hat!   I got the hats at local craft store (Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn’s, etc) and used DMC embroidery floss on them. I didn’t even draw a pattern just free stitched the flowers. I’ve washed them several times but never Black Hatput them in the dryer…Here they are not bad for almost antiques…I will wear in a couple weeks when I go to see the Grandsons…Have one grandson on staff for the summer and two going down for 10 days, one as a scout master and the other as a camper…oh and did I forget to mention, there fathers, uncles and grandfather are going too. There is something about those Hills of Osceola.

That’s all for today, hope everyone has time to stitch today.


Lucy has ears & eyes

Lucy eyes and ears 3 Lucy eyes and ears 1 Lucy got eyes and ears this week and in fact has some of her legs stitched now. But for today’s post I want to talk about her eyes and ears.

Lucy’s eyes are stitched with DMC floss in basketweave whenever possible; otherwise it is a continental stitch when necessary. And yes, I carried the threads from one eye to the other…I measured it’s less than 14 threads and since she is painted on 18 mesh canvas that translates to less than one inch…and I’d have done it anyway.  Although her pupils appear to be black they are stitched with 6 strands DMC floss #3371 and 1 strand of Kreinik Blending Filament: #005HL Black. I try to remember to do this to all my eyes, it adds just a tad of sparkle in certain light. The outer eye color is 6 strands DMC floss #3860 and the small areas of white are 6 strands DMC floss #822. White and black floss seemed to stark and so I frog stitched and re-stitched them again.   Around the outside of her eyes I did a stem/outline stitch using  1 strand Epic #201 Earth. When I finished stitching her eyes I thought she looked a bit bug eyed, but then she is a bit bug eyed  and I think when her fur is stitched , it will tone these eyes down.

Lucy’s ear were stitched in a random basketweave, shading these areas using a needle blending technique. Her ears are stitched using 6 strands DMC floss. I started with her inner ear using the lightest pink color DMC #754. Next I added several stitches using 3 stands of the lightest pink color DMC #754 and 3 strands of the dark pink DMC #3859 blended in the needle. I did not lay these threads because I wanted them to fall as they would. I completed the inner ear pink areas with 6 strands of dk pink DMC floss #3859. I next outlined her ears with 6 strands dark cocoa brown DMC #3860. I filled the remaining parts of the ears with random basketweave stitches using three needles filled with:

1. 6 strands DMC lt cocoa #3861

2. 4 strands DMC lt cocoa #3861 and 2 strands dark pink #3859

2. 2 strands DMC lt cocoa #3861 and 4 strands dark pink #3859.

As I was stitching the ears, I wasn’t sure I was going to like them either…but then I am usually over critical of my own stitching. I do hate to “frog stitch” and so usually have been able to talk myself into a wait and see attitude. When I finished stitching these area I set her away from me and just looked at her. Now I think these areas are going to work…and of course I am stitching another area so I am critical of the new area now…

Until next time…ttfn sue