Hope Everyone had a great holiday…

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, Chanukah, or whatever holiday you choose to celebrate.
Our family was all together (minus one, but he was in our hearts and we talked to him.) My second son did his magic in the kitchen and we all gorged ourselves Christmas Eve. We do not exchange Christmas gifts but rather make ornaments

but a few of our ornaments...reindeer were big this year.

but a few of our ornaments…reindeer were big this year.

and have game of who gets the ornament. My ornament (see last post was a success and stolen twice (the limit); there were great ornaments this year, think we’ll do the same next year.
Grandma & Grandpa get to give presents…we are allowed to spoil the Grandchildren…and anyway an ornament isn’t much fun when your little.
12-26-12 tri santa

This is the needlepoint Santa for this year. It is a Deborah Forney Class (http://www.deborahforney.com/Resume.htm), Ho Ho Ho Santa. Great class I recommend it to anyone and Deborah is a great teacher.

This year’s Poinsettia. 2012 poinsettia

Thought I posted about this but could not find so I will briefly fill you in. Every year, I purchase a poinsettia from a friend whose PEO group sells them as their fundraiser. AND every year I manage to kill it. Last year the poinsettia somehow managed to survive until spring and by early summer my oldest son had taken over garden management and kept the plant alive and thriving. This fall we brought it in and did the dark light thing you are supposed to do to make them turn red again. Someone told us it takes two years to turn it red and so we just left it in the house and thought we’d try again next year. BUT Christmas morning we had our own miracle…

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have time to stitch today and the rest of the holidays!

The Stitch Witch is visiting

May 17th I started re stitching HO-HO Santa (https://sudukc.wordpress.com/2010/05/17/odds-ends/)  and I think the Stitching Witch is frog stitching this piece at night. I have been forever stitching the blue background in section 2. Today my goal is to complete section 2 background then the Stitching Witch whom is frog stitching my piece will have to move on to another stitchers house and play mind games with her for awhile.

I think why the Stitching Witch dropped by in the first place was because I was moaning about not being able to find a rhythm to stitch the plaid behind the lower HO is section 1. Lesson to stitchers out there: Do not moan about stitching, the Stitch Witch will visit you.

I also started this little piece that I am working on in the car…I will be making several trips to Boy Scout Camp this summer…I have one grandson on staff; two others grandsons and one son going next week; followed by DH the following week with staff grandsons troop; and add in a couple more trips to visit the staff guy. Long summer hope the weather is nice for them…but so far weather has been hot, humid or raining.

Off to watch movies, drink iced tea and stitch. Hope everyone has time to stitch today. ttfn…sue

Odds & Ends

I have mentioned several projects and never finished up on them. So today is my catch up day.

3rd Eagle has already flown my coup and is happily perched at his new home with #3 Eagle Grandson  AJD. At his Eagle reception it was noted that the next one is possibly 10 years away…I may not live that long (no, there is nothing wrong with me today…but only The Big Guy knows when my time is up) so, I have decided to stitch the remaining three possible candidates and have them preserved like a wedding dress and then when the time comes, someone will add the year and have it framed. I’ll keep you posted on this progress.

Namesake Granddaughter piece also has gone to it’s new home. She is such a good girl (must take after her namesake), she slept through the entire baptism, nary a peep (not her namesake). 

And Lucy is finally hanging on the wall. I showed Lucy her picture and she growled at it…must mean she thinks it looks like her. I Love Lucy!

I took a class from Sue Reed the 3rd weekend in April and have finished stitching the piece. I lent it to a friend that was unable to attend the class so she could get an idea of what the piece should resemble. I have not decided how to finish the project, but am leaning to a pillow.

AND I completed Eagle #4 and will take it to the cleaners to have packaged & preserved next week. I thought I would do #5 and #6 too but decided that I burn out when I repeat stitch and #6 might not look too good. So…

I need to take time off from projects that have to be completed, stitching eagles and do something else. So I am completing my Deborah Forney HO-HO-Ho Santa (http://www.deborahforney.com/) . Another class I took last year and haven’t stitched on since. I am following the instructions and stitching each section top to bottom. I think there are a couple of places I will do something differently but so far straight from her teaching guide to my canvas. Something for me unless I decide to give it away.


Twice in one month

Twice in one month is good for me lately. I want to thank everyone who stops by here to see what I have to say even if it is intermittent at best.

Thank You!

I am starting my third year of this blog, it does not seem that long ago and I still feel like I don’t know what I am doing. I can write for this blog and put pictures in but other that I am a novice. After I feel comfortable with something I am okay and I can experiment. I am comfortable with the program I use to produce stitch guides for myself and others but I am not comfortable with photo editing…I just have not played with the program enough. Someday I would lie to make a new page layout, one that reflects more of a stitching theme. But after taking the web class this fall, I know I will never be a wiz at web designing and it just seems so daunting to me.  I am a person who learns by reading and then doing and most of the time doing again and again. I prefer instructions to be #1, #2, #3…I can do this. But to play around with something, especially electronic things I freeze…what if I push the wrong button, what if …and the list goes on.

But I did not sign on to blog about my blog ineptness…

I have a piece of needlework finished (do you see the happy dancers and hear the symphony playing?)

 I do have a large projects going on most of the time but I just don’t blog about them because the work is sporadic and I am usually doing computer work for others. I only stitch on the large projects when I have long periods of no interruption…this week-end I will have a Saturday where I am all alone (see me smiling from ear to ear…guys going Boy Scouting) and I will work on one of my two large projects (Deborah Forney’s Ho-Ho-Ho! Santa or Tony Minieri’s Chicago du Soir.) Usually in the evening I work on small projects that are…fast, easy and require little concentration.

 But this is one of those big projects I completed last year: St Basil’s, a Carole Lake design. I had it framed and am giving it to my second son, Hugh and his wife, Anne. Both turned 40 years old this month and Anne loves this piece. I do too! This piece is framed under glass; Hugh & Anne have dogs…big dogs.

There are several reasons I do not blog about some of the pieces I stitch… as I said, the work is sporadic and I am usually doing computer work for others. St Basil’s is one of the pieces I helped produce the stitch guide. I do not think it would be ethical for me to talk about these designs before they are released for teaching and sometimes they are not released for teaching or sale. Usually when I help produce stitch diagrams for a piece I feel like I have stitched the piece, even though it is just on paper. Many times, the order of the stitching will change and I will redo page layouts; after a pilot class there are revisions; And yes, even after the piece has been taught there are revisions.

Remember Lucy? Well she is at the framers as we speak… you will see her soon. She’s been stitched for some time I just forgot about her in the busy-ness of last fall.

 Today I am off to work on the computer.