Tis that time of year…

It is that time of year…I have this theory about the shopping malls and parking lots this time of year…I think that somewhere in every city there are buildings (more than two or three) full of cars and robots that are only activated between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve (around Easter they release about 1/3 of these robots and cars) …these robots look like you and me except they never smile and they rush here and there. Most are carrying packages, and pushing and shoving around the malls. Their cars are parked in every parking spot in the mall lot and only one robot (okay sometimes two, but never more than three) to a car. They will cut right in front of you to get a parking space and then wave at you with one finger. (I think most of these robots only have one finger on each hand and I’m hoping it is the “HI” sign, especially this time of year). I think the best way to handle these robots is to smile pleasantly and wish them a “Merry Christmas.”

I only did shopping for 4 presents in stores this year and two of those were done by my son and husband and the other two I got at the grocery store. For the rest I let my fingers do the walking and did all my shopping online. It was easy and effortless; saved gas, tax, and most of all TIME. AND when I ordered from Amazon to get free shipping just had to add an item for me to get free shipping. Two Amazon orders, two gifts for me…um-m-m, no I did not plan this; I thought I was going to buy another gift at the store and at the last minute decided item online was nicer than the one I was going out to buy. Next year I am doing all my shopping online and sneaking mine in there too…well I am saving the shipping and gas.

Have been baking cookies for the last two weeks and so far have made 25 dozen cookies. About 8 dozen have already found a home for the holidays, the majority of the rest are leaving this week-end and then I’ll do the ones for my family.

Tree, bells, Santa’s and Nativities are up; still have the Angels (but I put them up very last because I leave them up until February and Valentine’s day (never have too many cupids floating around.) This year I even had time to put out my sewing room decorations. I love these decorations…

they are some of the last my Mother made for me. She made this sewing box with cards of threads and tied spools of thread on the branches with ribbon and beads. She bought all the sewing related ornaments and decorations.

The small tree in the bathroom is a guild favor, I love the buttons it is too cute.


My other thing this time of year is to collect these perfume sample cards. I open one and place it in the trash basket in my bathroom every time I change the bag. The small basket is in my closet and every time I open the closet door I get a pleasant puff of scent…When these run out I just use a quick spray of my favorite spray or DHs aftershave on a tissue.

Am getting to stitch occasionally, but nothing to show yet….. BUT I think I might go drive by the shopping center mall and laugh!

Hope I and everyone has time to stitch today and any day until Christmas!  ttfn…sue

Merry Christmas

Surprise, surprise, surprise. I really could not let the holiday go by without wishing everyone a Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday.

I have been busier than a “a new flea at flea flicker party.” (My uncle used to say something close to this, wish I could remember his exact phrasing). And yes, then I got out of the habit of writing and…just sorry I have not been as attentive to my blog as I should; hopefully 2009 will be better.

But in my defense, I will share with you what I have been doing the last few weeks.

 2008 Chrismas ornamentsFirst buttons, these were my ornament for the year. More about these later…Just know I stitched + or – 96 of those and have less than 6 left. All my grandchildren get one, friends, husband’s office and my uncle’s nursing staff (he is in a nursing home).

0812-sugar-cookie-11  0812-sugar-cookie-21  0812-sugar-cookie-31

And cookies!!! Every year I say not again but + or – 45 dozen later I am cookied out. Again family and friends are the recievers and of course Santa…I saved four families (my own I might add) cookies for Santa.  I am cook(ie)ed out!

Today is a day of peace and quite, watched movies, read and napped…and posted to my blog.

Merry Cristmas to all.


More Cookies

  Today was a beautiful day in the neighborhood…I spent some time outside helping get the patio ready to open and uncovering my iris that are peaking out. I know we will have a few more cold days but the iris are hardy and they won’t get frost bitten as long as the rest of the neighborhood doesn’t get frozen out too. I know today is the first day of Spring but I can hardly wait for our temperaures to stay warm and no more threat of snow. And yes, we are suppose to have snow on Easter…I’m dreaming of a white Easter.

 I’m also glad this is the last time for many years that Easter is so close to St. Patrick’s Day. One of our sons was born on Easter Sunday (march 26). His birthday and Easter fell on the same day again when he was 11 years and 22 years and won’t happen again until he is 99 years. That’s about as often as it should be, Easter in March is too early.

   cookies waiting to be icedBut since it is Easter, I had to bake sugar cookies for the Grandkids, especially since it will be to cold and snowy for an outdoor Easter egg hunt. I have been wanting to try my hand at Martha Stewart decorating sugar cookies, the TV and magazines always make it look so simple. Well, I am no Martha Stewart and I really did not enjoy the dozen or so I really tried to decorate. It was not that I couldn’t do it I just thought it was a lot of work for someone to eat it in a matter of seconds. I think if I do it again I will ice the cookies in color and then decorate with white icing…like White Work on cookies. And there won’t be chicks, bunnies, and carrots…just eggs. Anyway I am finished now and there won’t be anymore cookies until May, but here are the pictures to prove it. 

 First there were carrots   Then there were Chicks and eggs  and finally I was finished

 Way too many cookies this month, spring better hurry and get her so I can start walking everyday!

I sure am glad this is the last time Easter and St Pat’s day are so close because I am about cookie–d out. And between the patio cleaning and baking and icing cookies I’m so-o-o tired I don’t even know if I hurt from all the work today.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week-end.


St Patrick cookies

St Patrick’s CookiesToday I spent the better part of the morning baking sugar cookies…rolled iced with sugar and baked. Decided not to ice these so I just used egg white and decorative sugar…and 7+ dozen later I decided that was enough green. I also ran out of green sugar and wasn’t about to send better half to the store for green sugar. So… I started the Easter cookies for next week. About 2 dozen sugar cookies ahead of the game. These I am going to ice with royal icing and try my hand at using decorator tips and pipe decorations on the cookies. Normally I just ice them with a spatula and if you’re luck I might throw on some decorative sugars. No one has complained yet but I don’t think many people bake from scratch anymore. Maybe I better re-consider the decorating. Don’t want everyone to expect this every holiday.

Anyway I went to the framer and left two birth announcements I have had stitched since before Christmas 07. I put them out of sight and forgot them. They are safely at the framers now and maybe the recipients will get them before Christmas 08.

Also went by fabric store and picked out a couple materials for a project that I have been thinking about doing. How many times I have started a project and had a pre-conceived idea how I would like to finish the project? Too many! And usually I either have used a wrong color or can’t find exactly what I am looking for. I found two fabrics for finishing one project but couldn’t find anything for the other idea. small details again…I’ll talk to my finisher before I start the other project, she always has great ideas. But I do have two fabrics for one project and maybe I’ll just do two. But this reminded me of noticing the small details of the March TIF. I guess maybe I am beginning to notice the small things.

Finished my day at the craft store for the cookie decorating tips and the grocery store for food. Now I think I’m just going to curl up in my favorite chair and see what other blogs have to say and surf the evening away.