April TIF

I probably should not be doing this today but I’m afraid if I don’t I will be next week before I can get back here. I think my grey mood is directly related to our weather…Who would have thought it would get cold again in late April…I am really tired of cold weather. Luckily and hopefully, it is not going to damage the foliage.

Anyway, I struggled with this months TIF, almost did not do it. I was expecting a color scheme of bright or pastel colors…after all we in the northern hemisphere are thinking spring and warm weather. Had to change my mind set and work with what was given. Change is a sometimes difficult especially if if goes against your grain or mind set. I decided that even though changecan be difficult it is worth a try especially on the TIF. I have thought of these TIF projects as something that should be quick and fun. Simulating, mind stretching but not overwhelming or mind boggling.

April TIFSo I incubated…then because of another project I am following I decided to make a color card using these colors ( Note: since we all perceive color one way and our computers display colors differently these colors may not agree with other TIF participants) I did take the RGB percentages and entered them into my color program so I think these colors are close. Then I lived with this card for a few days and came up with a few ideas to explore.

I have chosen for the time being to continue to make Temari Balls even though I am a needlepointer at heart. I have known how to make Temari Balls for a long time and have made a few a year but this year I wanted to really get back in the swing (change) and fine tune my skills at this art. And I think the only way to get better at something is to practice, practice, do do. So the media again is Temari  (no change here).

My first Temari Ball was as close to the original colors as my mind set could get. While stitching this ball I thought about Sharon and all of you in the Southern Hemisphere who are entering the fall and winter seasons. I am glad I live where there is a change of seasons, each season has it’s own beauty.


But then I had to do a second Temari Ball to change my thoughts back to spring. I used the same family of DMC green to link the balls together.

You can see all the pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sudukc/

Next week is guild meetings and family business hope I get stitching time in somewhere. And most of all I hope the Mother nature decides to blow her warm breezes our way and turn our world into full blossoming spring.