Asian Collage…just keeping current

I know these posts are not very long nor real informative but it tis that time of year. I just don’t want to get behind and forget to keep projects updated.

The guide stitch-in was more of a visit-in, I think I took three stitches, BUT I had a great time. Maybe I can remember to take pictures at the next one.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI keep stitching on Asian Collage, I hope to have it completed by the first of the year…I would like to have said Thanksgiving but that is not going to happen; and so I am giving myself the benefit of the doubt and hoping for the new year. But I am making progress and I do think from now on it will go pretty quickly…I think all the really difficult patterns are stitched.

I am almost done stitching my Value of Gray pieces and just have the big one left and I think that will have to wait until after the first of the year to begin.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you have time to stitch today! ttfn…sue

Hari-kuyo…one of my many irons

One of my irons…and literly using an iron for this one.

I signed up for my first online class, Hari-kuyo and I am loving it…not getting much done, juggling all the irons I have going right now. The first picture is a picture of Susan’s neddlebook, the one I hope to have someday…and the second picture is all my supplies, my pressing is complete and I even basted the outlines on covers. I need to catch up this week-end, hope to get embroidery completed. I have printed off the instuctions and watched the videos just can’t seem to find hands on time.

And Susan is an enabler too. Talked about a silicone pressing sheet, I don’t have one of these BUT I know I need one…shopping shopping shopping (yet something else to do)…

This class has been fun and Susan has done a wonderful job. Her kits are great and the videos are so good. I just love Susan’s work, if you haven’t visited her blog, Plays with Needles ( ) do so please; it is inspiration plus. Her Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Your Majesty, Beading and…just click on anything on the right column of her blog… you will not be disappointed.

Okay need to start the running and juggling, maybe someday I can even run with scissors…don’t hold your breath waiting for the video.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have time to stitch today!  ttfn…sue

Wilanna Bristow

Yesterday I rea in the EGA newsletter (also printed below) that Wilanna Bristow had passed away. Wilnna was my first national teacher. The class was a design notebook class; “Design, Everything begins at a Point”.  Today, I have a great notebook reference on design and wonderful memories of my first national seminar. Thank you Wilanna for sharing you knowledge about color and design. I still pull color and design ideas from magazines, take pictures and keep other ongoing notebooks on color and design.

No one ever told me that most notebook classes seldom have a finished product and so I diligently pursued my design to an end. I showed Wilanna the finished notebook when she came to Kansas City to teach and she told me few people finish a project for a notebook class but this was a good example of how an original idea changes and becomes its own design. The design has a few flaws that after all these years even I can see, but it is a great cover for my class notebook.

Started with picture of the tulips and decided to do stylized design…Somewhere I decided that a color wheel would be good and so the stylized tulip became the stylized color wheel…This was in the beginning days of my computer learning and I played with the design on the computer. Knew I wanted very little or no compensation so I adjusted the tulips even more. And finally the finished project…a cover for my notebook class.

Thank you Wilanna.

Hope everyone has time to stitch today!  ttfn…sue

Wilanna Bristow: From EGA mailing list: It is with deep sadness that I report the passing of Wilanna Bristow. Wilanna was the last of the three founding members of the San Antonio Chapter. Although she has not been active for several years, she will be sorely missed by our chapter members and EGA members across the country who were touched by her talents as designer, teacher, and mentor. Her obituary may be viewed here: <
&pid=155266037&fhid=5701> &pid=155266037&fhid=5701


If you knew Wilanna, please take a moment and sign the on-line guest book. I know Bill and Lizzy will appreciate it very much. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions can be made to: The Embroiders’ Guild of America, Inc., <>