If it’s not one thing,it your mother….Mother Nature that is.

I have finally gotten my desk under control, my stitching is another story and I am planning to spend part of the day looking at my new computer. I think I best show more than a passing interest in this gift before DH thinks I don’t appreciate my gift. BTW, since my post Aug 11 (https://sudukc.wordpress.com/2011/08/11/my-plate-and-table-run-n-n-nth-over/ ) that computer had to go back and I have a second new computer. The first computer had a short in the screen and periodically the “snowman would fight the polar bear in living color”; in other words I had dancing pixels. Would have to turn off the computer and restart…but since it was under warranty we sent it back for a full refund and DH ordered me one just like his. I really didn’t need a separate number pad but in many ways this will be easier;  if there is something I don’t understand maybe he will AND he has already set up my internet and printer. 😉

Anyway I am trying to play with the new computer and at some point today hope to compare new version of my graphic art program with the one I am using now; I may want to load the old version on the new computer also.

BUT I have this distraction…


These wonderful humming birds are flickering by my windows and I see them out of the corner of my eye or I see their shadows scurry across the patio. I get distracted and stop and watch…lose all concentration. I took a coffee break and went outside to watch and take a couple pictures. They weren’t frightened one little bit by me, just buzzed all around me. I did get a couple pictures but this is one of the moments I wish I had one of these fancy, fast cameras. There are four or five of them; I think a couple are migrating because the other three seem to be running them off and I have only seen two or three most of the summer. Must mean cooler weather is on the way…not today though, suppose to be 100 degrees.

Guess if I am going to get anything accomplished today, I am going to have to shut my curtains and turn my back to the window. Yes, I am easily distracted and I do have stitching I must do today also!

I’ll just let Angel watch for us both, and hopefully she won’t start making this little growling noise she makes when she sees something she wants to pounce upon…We’ve tried to tell her that making this noise is not helping her be a great blond hunter, but she’s a blond and well… if you have a blond cat you know what I mean.

Thank you for stopping by and spending a few moments with me; hope you have time to stitch today! ttfn…sue

Cat & Bunny

My cat does not play with my threads and usually never bothers any of my needlework. (I have a friend with a cat that steals her threads and hides them.) My cat is very polite most of the time, BUT when she decides she needs to be loved nothing stops her! Usually when I’m stitching she will just sit on the arm of the chair and stare at me until I am guilted into loving her. But this week she plopped on my lap; I think she thought I was petting her as I pulled my threads through the canvas. I let her sit there until she finally decided the window had ample sun to warm her and off she went.

Back to bunny…I know this canvas is no longer available but it is fun to stitch. 10 mesh is so fast to stitch, don’t need magnification or extra light and I am not striping or laying most of the threads. Keep in mind this canvas 15 inch x 11.5 inch would only be about 8 inches x 6.5 inches on an 18 mesh canvas. And so even though this canvas is no longer available, I can experiment with stitches and techniques.

I’ve finished the background and marked where the carrot tops were painted. I’ve started the bunny and am using the Nobuko stitch for him. I am reversing the direction of the stitches and trying to limit the compensation stitches because of change in color. Since I am using 4 ply wool knitting yarn I am keeping my thread length short about 15 to 18 inches. The thread does not seem to be wearing as I stitch but I have noticed it untwists more than say Appleton or another non stranded thread. I really like the color and it is easy to use.  The dark gray is from my stash, it is an old Orchidee yarn; since I only need a bit of this dark gray and I decided to use it.  If I had not had this color I would have bought the darker value of the same knitting wool I am using.

Before I began stitching I used a picture to play with stitches on the canvas; I do love that I can do this. I printed off the head area and even though I may change the placement of stitches as I stitch at least I had an idea the effect I wanted. Even if you do not have a computer program that allows you to play with stitches on the picture you can do this too. You can either take a picture of your canvas with a digital canvas and print it or make a copy using a flatbed desktop printer. You can print in gray scale using either method, consult you printer, and if not just use a color copy. Many copy machines will allow you to enlarge the area and also to set the grayscale desired. Then you can use colored pens or pencils to draw the stitches directly on the copy.

I’ve been watching the news this morning about all the snow on the east coast…I hope everyone is staying warm and safe. And I hope all those of you who stitch stay warm, safe and stitch!

Hope everyone has time to stitch today. ttfn…sue