Soapbox Thanksgiving Shoping

I think I am one of a handful of people who did not shop on Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Cyber Monday. I relaxed and enjoyed Thanksgiving. I was thankful for the time away from the maddening crowds.

On Black Friday, DH decided he wanted to venture into the world of smart phones and conned me into going with him to the phone store (a free lunch and a trip to Starbucks will get me every time.) So with much trepidation and my Starbucks heavy caffeine in hand I ventured to the phone store with him. Miracle of miracles, we were the only shoppers in the store! Had a great salesman, he must have been great, he sold DH a smart phone and two tablets, even offered me a new phone. Was in the store less than thirty minutes, spent a small fortune and was out as the crowds were gathering.

Monday, I ordered another stylist from Wacom for DH’s tablet so he will leave mine alone and replacement nibs for the one that is broken. I couldn’t get the nibs anywhere but online and so got pen there too. This was quick, painless and less than 5 minutes; done and off the internet for the day. I went to guild meeting with friends, more fun than shopping on the computer.

But this morning I woke up to find a craft store/fabric store survey on my computer. Would I take 5 minutes to fill out for an “extra special” coupon? Okay, I’ll bite. So I linked my little fingers to their sight. Two questions Did I go out Christmas shopping on Thanksgiving/ early Black Friday? NO. Did I Christmas shop online Monday? NO. Survey over, less than a minute and  thank you very much here is your “extra special” 15% off coupon. I wondered if I had shopped Thanksgiving and early Black Friday if my “extra special” coupon would be different. So back to the web page to answer (falsely) the questions…Did I shop? Yes and on and on probably answered 20-25 questions for an “extra special” coupon of another whooping 15% off coupon. I don’t know what this company learned from this survey but I learned a couple things: #1- they don’t care why I did not shop these days and #2 I don’t need to waste my time on their survey I get better discounts from them in the mail (the ones I get in the mail are 40-50% off) and in the newspaper.

This whole experience has made me wonder even more what we are teaching the next generation. Isolationism, no social skills, no verbal communication skills, no writing skills (they are taking penmanship out of the schools…we will be back to signing an “X” in a generation or so… oh, that’s right they are the X generation…fitting. Family traditions and values are going out the window…commercialism is in.

Getting down off my soapbox before I fall off it. I’ll be  back in a couple days with what I really was going to post about this week…the ornament I finished over the week-end instead of shopping.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have time to stitch today!