2015 already. A fresh start.

Brad Paisly: “Today is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.”

What a great thought I hope this is a good year it is a good number. I have so-o-o many things floating around in my head that sometimes I get overwhelmed. I think in 2015 I am going to try and complete a few of the projects on my desk in their various stages of completion. And I am going to write down my other ideas and keep them as a reward for completing other projects.

So…since Jan 1 I have been reconfiguring my computer so to speak…I removed the 2013 files. I keep these on the hard drive for a year, otherwise I am always looking for a file, something will invariably pop up and I’ll have to go looking. Made sure all the 2014 business was together and in good order. I copied 2013 to a disk; and also copied 2013 & 2014 files to external hard drive an and started the 2015 books.

Then I made a fatal mistake I decided to prioritize the projects on my desk and in and around my stitching nest. I spent the morning writing down the things I have in various stages of completion…oh my, is that overwhelming…16 projects that I thought of right away that are on my desk or cubby holes (since then 3-4 others have popped in my head but I think I’ll leave them in the file drawer for now); then there are the 4 new projects that I would like to learn about and the 4 new things I already know I want to try this year.

Is there another word for more than overwhelmed, because I think I have moved on to it? Oh, my but I am going to stay the course and get some of these things to completion… And then there is stitching time and blog writing time…something is going to have to give here…maybe less sleep because I don’t see giving up blogging and stitching.

Some synonyms for overwhelmed: Irresistible, devastating, crushing, awe-inspiring, vast, overpowering and awesome. Humm …I know there are irresistible canvases and designs out there just waiting to be discovered. And I will not be devastated if you all share the stitching you do on these (it will not crush me but rather be awe-inspiring to me to see (and maybe add to my forever box some of those vast new designs and canvases). And I will work on my overpowering mountain of to-dos and be awesomely pleased at how many I complete this year. How’s that?

So tomorrow I will hit the bricks running (maybe not running…it’s icy here, but you know what I mean.) I have 2 designs to rework for a teacher and than I will work on a project that needs to be completed and sent out to be proofed. and I also have a project that has been proofed that I need to get back and make the corrections so I can have a finished project under my belt.

I hope everyone will stay tuned, it is going to be an awesome, irresistible year!

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you find time to stitch today! ttfn…sue