About me

A place to see what I am doing or not doing…and hopefully we’ll learn along the way.

10 thoughts on “About me

  1. Dear Sue…
    I am really amazed at the spectacular work you do. I have experimented with other stitches but now I’m working in just plain continental! What a bore and how exciting your work is. I love the way you use the fiber horizontally rather than diagonally. AndI love the pictures of your life, especially the forsythia, a shrub I dearly miss here in Charleston.
    The balls are fascinating; how I would love to live near you so I could work with these amaziing stitiches. Went into one of your friend’s blogs and I also love the way she uses crewel on fabric. How creative you all are; I’m impressed! Sally

  2. Oh my goodness! I am new to needlepoint and I am loving your blog. You describe things so perfectly. I fell like you are sitting there beside me. Thank you! Thank you! Dena Johnson

    • Thank you. I hope you learn lots and have the same love of needless I do. And I am still learning also.

    • What is your original? Could you please send me a picture? I keep a notebook of her artwork. I also have permission from Rose Brod to reproduce her work in needlepoint.

  3. On the whimsical bunny with the floppy fuzzy ears: What stitch is the greenery? Is that couching? I love Peter rabbit too. You did a fabulous job and your stitching is inspirational.

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