Monkey year…complete it year

A few posts back I wrote…

I’ll be back soon. I have been giving a great deal of thinking to my plans for 2016. Now that my threads are organized and I am working on reducing the pile of paperwork I have accumulated, I also have found another pile of things that really need my attention. More about this next time

I have sooooooo many stitched pieces that need to be finished that I should never stitch another piece of needlepoint. Well, we all know that is not going to happen so I am going to just bite the needle and start finishing. Another reason I am telling you this is that it will make me accountable, if I tell someone then I will have to do it or at least try.

So, this year , if it kills me I am going to tackle this project. I am going to get rid of the pies of paper on my desks.  I am going to finish many of my completed needlepoint pieces. And of course I am going to stitch.

I can tell you before I begin that this is probably not going to be my favorite project; if it were I would never have amassed this pile of unfinished needlework.  I just kept putting it off until It was either sell one of my children (and they are all too old to sell and I could never sell one of my grandkids), take a loan on our home (DH would not sign the papers, I tried) or try to do it myself.  And just so everyone knows, I am NOT going into the finishing business!  I can do it for myself because if I mess it up I can either live with it or get rid of it…but I would die a thousand deaths if I messed up someone else’s work.

So this monkey (yes, it is the Chinese year of the monkey) has decided that 2016 is the year of the finishing, finished projects are a priority. Not only is finishing needlepoint a priority, but that stack of accumulated papers on my desk is another priority. There are not just papers on my desk(s), yes I have two because I moved from smaller desk to larger area on table in office. I am getting stacks everywhere…and I didn’t even take you into the sewing area there are more canvases there.

So even though I will be stitching (a girl has to do what a girl has to do to keep her sanity);  I will also be using a pointed needle to finish some stitching.  I’m going to use scissors and glue too. So come along and we will learn together. If I forget to mention something just ask and if I have an answer I’ll tell you and if not we will put it out there and maybe someone else will have an idea or two. Together we can conquer the finishing challenge…and if all else fails I can send it to the pros.

Thank you for stopping by… I hope you find time to stitch today with whatever type needle you need to get the job completed.


4 thoughts on “Monkey year…complete it year

  1. I’m really excited about your project, the one that finishes ufo’s. I have 5 or 6 pillow tops and lack the nerve. Yet I also cannot afford $100.00 apiece to have them professionally finished. So I am going to watch closely and see if I can find the courage. I did follow your directions for finishing roll-ups and they were a success. So thanks for that.

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