This month has thrown me for a loop and it is only the middle of the month…

First, I was supposed to have my knee replaced January 6th but I cracked a tooth and had to postpone the knee replacement to get the tooth fixed. Had all my testing completed and so now I am wait for March 29th or a cancelation. I am not a good patient; I fret when someone else has control over me…especially doctors. I’m hoping for a cancelation since then I will not have as long to fret.

I’m guessing a Power higher than me knew I needed to be available January 6th because…

20160116 LewisIt wasn’t that I didn’t know it was coming, that I wasn’t expecting it…but it is never easy to lose a friend I lost my friend, Joan Lewis, Jan 6th.

When I posted the news on Facebook, words like “kind and giving, always pleasant, always had a smile and hug, humble, helpful, dignified and talented, supportive, encouraging, inspirational, gentle and generous, joyful, nicest person, sweet and caring, joyful, a pleasure to be around and special lady” were words used to describe her.   People who called me would use these same words too.

Joan was a talented needlepoint designer, canvas painter and teacher. Everyone has their story of how Joan affected their lives and I have enjoyed hearing those stories from those who have called or written.

Joan was everything mentioned and more,  one of the best most talented people I have ever known.

I love and miss you dear friend. sue

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