It is COLD!!!! but I have been reading …

Oh will this cold weather ever let up? The first 12 days of 2015 have been spent reading and keeping warm…I am in a historical fiction phase. Everything I am reading is fiction based on some facts; none of which I knew much about. I have become very interested in history again; because if my nose hasn’t been in a book, I have been on the internet finding out more about the Romanov’s and World War I.
I saw the book Romanov Bride at the library when I went to see the Jason Pollen show ( or and ( I 15-01-12 Bk Romanov Brodewas going to pick it up on my way out of the library but forgot, so I requested it online and had it sent to closer library. The book just sitting there on the shelf in the library must have become a popular book because it took almost 8 weeks before I could pick it up. That was right in the middle of the Christmas rush and so I just put it aside for later (also had to renew due date).

But January 1 brought cold weather and the desire to do nothing but keep warm and read. I wasn’t 25 pages into the book (and of course because I read the back of the book first) I already knew this was a historical fiction book and that Robert Alexander had written two others based on the Romanov Family. I ordered these to be picked up when I returned Romanov Bride.

Romanov Bride is the story Grand Duchess Elisabeth Feodorovna. She was the sister to Alexander Romanov and wife of Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich of Russia. After The Grand Dukes assassination she founded a convent, Convent of Saints Martha and Mary ( and Until I read this book I had thought that only the immediate family of Nicholas and Alexandria had been assassinated. And I never knew about this convent.

15-01-12 Bk Kitchen BoyKitchen Boy was my next read and I thought it was a very interesting read. Since somehow I missed in history that Nicholas and Alexandria and their children had not been imprisoned and executed quickly; it was interesting to read this historical fiction account of their lives in exile and imprisonment before their execution. And of course there is a twist to this tale, but I won’t spoil it for anyone that wants to read Kitchen Boy.

My least favorite of the trilogy of
15-01-12 Bk Rasputins DaughterRussian historical fiction was Rasputin’s Daughter. Rasputin was a dark figure in history and this book reveals this and more. It is a daughter’s view of her father and what he did, how he lived his live and her love for him through it all.

And my last book April Smith’s A Star for Mrs. Blake is another historical fiction based on journals kept by Colonel
15-01-12 Bk Star for Mrs BlakeThomas Hammond. His first deployment after graduating West Point was the liaison officer for a party of Gold Star Mothers to France after WWI. I knew of the Gold Star Mothers organization (, it exists to this day but I did not realize their history. And since I live right here in Kansas City where the World War I National Museum ( is located I plan to do some more studying. And I want to see these medals…15-01-12 Tiffany Gold Star medalwouldn’t it be fun to find these somewhere? I have several 15-01-12 Gold Star Mother's badgeantiques from WWI and WWII; a blue star flag and an embroidered post card and a beautiful photo album my father put together after WWII; I even have my own blue star flag from when my second son served in the first Iraq War.

And, I did not know that the last Sunday in September is Gold Star Mother’s Day, but this year I will remember those mother’s and wives who have sacrificed their precious sons and husbands for the freedoms we enjoy today.

And now that the weather is supposed to warm later this week, maybe I can un-cocoon from my pile of blankets and get some needlepoint stitching or finishing completed. But I do have a reserve of needlework related books in case the weather takes another cold dip.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you find time to stitch today! ttfn…sue

One thought on “It is COLD!!!! but I have been reading …

  1. Stay warm, Sue! It’s been nippy enough around here that I actually put socks on–practically unheard of for this barefoot gal.

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