Christmas: one post for December

Isn’t there a song about busiest time of the year…presents to finish, presents to buy, cookies to bake, and of course time with friends…not enough time? I think, even though I would miss the cold and occasional white Christmas those of you down under have the best deal. You have more light to your days, more sunshine and I think that would be of great help this time of year. And yes, for those of you up north I am complaining…who wants to go out shopping on a cold, dark, damp days that quickly becomes night? Not me, but if I don’t go out pretty soon it will be a bleak Christmas! I just need to find some Christmas spirit.

14-12-12 ReindeerMy house is decorated; the lights and tree are up…thanks to my son and his family that live with us. We even put out different decorations than we’ve had in the past (You can do that when you combine two households and have double stuff.)  I haven’t seen these reindeer in ages, I made the two on the ends during my woodworking period.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have spent the last week finishing ornaments for three girl friends that get together once a month for lunch. All the ornaments have a “find or do-dad” in the center and are stitched around this find. The blue and white ornament uses threads that are snow like threads to carry out the snow theme…some of the threads are discontinued. The gold tree is surrounded OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAby a Jean Hilton stitch and the rest is a series of couched red ribbon thread using a true diagonal, cross stitch and overlapping crosses in gold and green threads (sorry the picture is poor).

The black, gold and silver has a special find in the center. We lost a good friend last year and his family OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAasked that contributions be made to his college. As an acknowledgement of that gift, a thank-you letter was sent and also this little embroidery of the school mascot. Now this mascot  means nothing to us, and would have been either thrown away or put in a drawer never to be seen again OR made into this ornament to be given to his family for their tree.  I OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAeven made the hanger small so that the rest of the year it may be left out if they choose. I’m even sending a drapery hook stand along with it for that purpose.

I have a couple other things finished but they will have to wait until next year to blog about them. I feel like I am one sneeze away from a nice cold (and we all now that would almost put me down for the rest of the year) and I have a million things to do before Christmas…so… I think my blogging for the year is over.

I would like to thank you all for visiting me all year, my stats say this has been a good year. My 2014 New Year’s Resolution was to try and blog every week and I almost made it; I think I only missed 5 weeks up until now and that’s because I blogged twice a couple weeks.  It has been fun and I have some ideas for next year so I hope you will come back in 2015. Until then…

Have a Merry Christmas or a happy holiday season that you celebrate. Here is a chart for the tree ornament to use as you wish, (shops can use too.)  14-12-12 Do Dad tree  You can use up small amounts of threads and any color combination should work. I used a glitter canvas but any canvas will do.  I hope you have lots of do-dads to use, I know I have drawers full of them I have collected. I do ask that you email a picture if you use the chart…please. Might be a blog next year. And if you need a different copy just email me and I will send the design back to you as a PDF.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you find time to stitch today and all through the holidays!  ttfn…sue

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3 thoughts on “Christmas: one post for December

  1. I have never seen the little drapery hook stand adapted to be an easel. Thank you for sharing, and for the year’s worth of other wonderful ideas. Merry Christmas and enjoy all that togetherness you are experiencing with your family!

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