UFBS(UnFinished but Stitched) Supplies

I spent a couple hours making sure I had all the supplies I thought I might need for this massive project I am undertaking, but I know it is like any needlepoint project I will need something. Supplies vary from project to project but the following are some than I keep in my finishing box and general sewing box and as we go along this summer I will add to this list. By the way these tools are not listed in order of importance…but rather how I took the pictures. 14-06-18 supplies A Picture 1

1. Fabric pen and pencil: make sure they are fabric safe. I have two pencils one for light fabrics and one for dark fabrics.

2. Seam ripper: Never know when yu will need to frog stitch the finishing.

3. Hem gauge: I have a couple of these but this is my new fancy one.

4. Wood creaser and pointer…saves the nails.

5. Chop Sticks: I use these for stiffing stand-ups. And it is a good reason to eat oriental food…like I need a reason.

6. Beeswax: I beeswax every thread I finish with. Gives extra strength and also seems like it keeps the thread from twisting as much.

7. Pins: Make sure you have good sharp pins. 8. Good needles I use quilting needles and embroidery needles, if I need a needle with a larger eye I use Chenille needles. The size varies with the project, larger needles for larger projects; remember the larger the needles number the smaller the needle. There are great online resourses about needles; just Google “Hand sewing needle identification.”

Sewing machine needles will be on your list if you plan on doing any of your finishing with a sewing machine. Of course this assumes you have a sewing machine too.

9. Thimble: sometimes you need a good thimble and I like these two the best. Clover makes the tan leather one and I’m not sure where I got the other but I would bet at a quilting shop.

10. Scissors: can you ever have too many pair? I have this hierarchy system I use for larger scissors, especially sewing scissors. MY system works pretty well (now that I do not have small children in the house that will pick up the closest pair of scissor their little hands can find.) I change my scissors about every year and only when they are 50% off at local sewing store.

My system: Fabric scissors…cuts nothing but fabric! When these get dull I buy another pair and move this pair to the general sewing scissors stage.

Pinking shears: cuts NOTHING but fabric and not all fabrics just when I don’t want fabric to fray. I have had two pair of pinking shears in the last 40 years so that will give you an idea how particular I am about using these.

General sewing scissors: used to cut trims threads etc…Do not use for canvas or paper. I also have a couple pair of snips I keep by the sewing machine and in my finishing box.

General scissors move to the… Needlepoint scissor stage for cutting canvas only; they are not sharp enough for fabrics but not yet ready for paper. I think canvas dulls scissors and so I move these on down to the anything else category.

Anything else scissors: I cut paper patterns and small mat-board shapes. After this stage they are not much good but I do take them to general household use and even donate to the men’s workshop area. 14-06-18 supplies B Picture 2:

11. Pressing cloth: I have a silicone one, a lightweight fabric one and muslin for a third. Keeps ickies from the iron off your finished needlework.

12. Rulers: I have lots of these in various sizes. I use them to cut fabrics

13. Water bottle: I put fresh water in this before I use. Sometimes I have to spritz blocked needlepoint, but I never try to soak a needlepoint piece and always keep blocking board flat with an old towel underneath.

14. Iron: I never put water in my iron…think it clogs them up an over time makes funny stuff come out the steam holes. That being said you would think the sole plate of my iron would stay pretty clean but it does not, so that’s why I use a press cloth.

15. Silicone mat: this happens to be a hot pad holder but I use it to sit my hot iron on when I move it off the ironing board. Saves scorch marks. Other thinks I’ve thought of since I took the pictures.

16 Adjustable ironing board: mine is the same height as my sewing machine table and sits just to the left of the sewing table. I use it not only to press but assemble too.

17. Fray Check: never know when your going t need some.

18. Glue: White tacky archival safe.

19. Mat boards: I have a lightweight illustration boards. I have two weights, one is heavier than the other…but the lighter is not poster board.

20. Thread: I use regular thread or quilting thread

21. Fabrics: I have a pretty good supply of fabrics that I have amassed over the years.

22. Pelon: I have several weights, both fusible and plain.

23. Cotton Quilt batting: two weight, light and medium.

24. Aquarium gravel: I rinse this well and use in a plastic bag as weight for stand-ups. I have a friend who claims a roll of pennies ($1.00) or nickles ($2.00) is cheaper.

25. Hand drill: Kreinik makes one (http://www.kreinik.com/shops/Kreinik-Custom-Corder-AMCDW-HD.html); mine is red but the new one is black.

26. Fishing Weights: use to make cording.

I can think of other things but they are item specific like mat board is for ornaments and standups…so I’ll wait and add these if I use them.

I have started the finishing but am going to wait until next week to tell you about it because: a. this post is getting long and b. my book from Pat Mazu just arrived and I want to look it over.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you have time to stitch today! I’ll be stitching some finishing. ttfn…sue

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