Not much happening here…

Between the pollen and the warm temperatures my sinuses have been screaming so much I have no voice. My family is grateful and I am too…they don’t expect me to say anything and I that’s good cause I don’t have anything to say.

And I am sorry to say that kinda goes here too. I am between big projects and no Devine inspiration has struck this week so it is kind of a regroup week.

The Value of Gray has been completed! I stitched a big piece for this but did not like it once it was completed and have set it aside until I decide what to do with it. My DH wants me to have it matted and framed to see if I like it better so I will but don’t hold your breath. I am going to give the book as it is written to two friends to look over and then probably will publish it. I’m not sure how to present it for general use yet, I want anyone who is interested to dig in and be hands on but I also think there should be samples; but with samples, your creativity could be stifled. Maybe I should offer the class online and then I could have everyone post there studies and I could post mine too. What do you think?

I have another project I am starting…I have been asked to explain how I use my graphics program and after contacting ACD and receiving permission again to copy the computer screens I am going to re-do the Using Canvas book I wrote for version 3 (we are now using version 15.) I have seriously been looking at this project for a couple months, incubating the ideas and researching whether I wanted to switch programs before I began. I think the advantages to the Canvas program are:

1. It is both and integrated draw and a paint program.

2. ACD is developing a program for Mac users again (they had this format up until version 10) and the two formats are inter-changeable. This means: Mac to Windows and Windows to Mac are possible with no loss of formatting, right now there is a formatting glitch.

3. Canvas is still available as a downloadable program and disks are available at reasonable cost while the other well know graphics program is available only through “the cloud”

The biggest dis-advantage I see is the co$t but both programs are pricey and I think you can probably get the program on a special and I know you can download a trial version to try it out. And I do think all graphic programs are similar enough that if you are already familiar with one, stay with it. The learning curve with any program is steep and graphics and draw programs can be daunting…

And of course there is a pile of finishing in my sewing room that needs to be addressed. I not only have the Shades of gray sewing book that I really want to do, because I still covet the one Kurdy Biggs has   (  I also have pulled thread pieces that I did a couple years ago and have never finished;  then there are my Halloween pieces for my grandkids that have been on the blocking boards over a year and several other projects that need my attention… I guess maybe I should think about writing finishing instructions for needlework next.

Okay now I am overwhelmed by the stuff that needs to be done…think I’ll take a nap. I will try and get back here this week with some stitching productivity…but no promises.

Thank you for stopping by this week and I hope you have time to stitch every day! ttfn…sue

5 thoughts on “Not much happening here…

  1. hi sue,

    is this the software you use for stitch guide? / canvas 15
    it seems quite intimidating

    have you any thoughts on StitchWiz from Davis Computing?

    anyway just want to say you for taking the time to write so clearly about stitching!

    • I will look at StitchWiz but most programs do not do what Canvas does. I have been using Canvas since 1992 and it is second nature to me now and I do everything in Canvas from diagrams to layouts. Canvas looks intimidating, but when you consider Canvas is 5 programs (paint, draw, layout, web page maker, and presentation programs) in one and there is only one learning curve instead of 4-5 different it becomes less intimidating. I am in the process of writing a tutorial for needlepoint using Canvas. I can let you know when it is ready and you can re-look at Canvas again.

    • I look forward to reading your tutorial! Please let me know me when it’s ready. Maybe I can review the tutorial on the blog, or something like that, if the Canvas folks have some kind of demo trial version that actually does not have most of its functions disabled.!

    • I found StitchWiz from Davis Computing and I believe it is one I used before I started with Canvas; at that time it was mostly a cross stitch program. And so when I started with Canvas I’ve never looked back or second guessed myself. When I first started with Canvas I had to make my own grid line by line and now there is a grid maker…in fact I noticed while writing the new tutorial there are new quick icons that I don’t use because I am so used to doing things my way that sometimes it is faster than remembering all the new options available. I am trying very hard to make note of these and use them. And I will have to ask ACD what features are disabled before releasing my tutorial, I’ll keep you posted.

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